Saturday, March 14, 2015

Stack Rundown, 03/14/2015

It's the year 2015, and the best book of the week was a Howard the Duck book. Let that sit in for a few minutes... FOR SHAME, rest of the comic industry, for shame.

(but it was pretty good)

Howard the Duck #1

So, the Howard the Duck book that was really fucking good. That just seems weird to me. That’s weird, right? Howard the Duck is a character I literally gave no fucks about until Wednesday. But, I like the boobs and dicks Chip Zdarsky draws for Sex Criminals and I generally really like Joe Quinones’ art, so that’s reason enough to pick up a book about a talking duck in the Marvel universe, right? Right off the bat, the book looks great, Quinones was a perfect fit for this book (although I wish we got that second issue of Batman Eternal from him, but oh well) as he’s got a great animated look to his work, with real solid facial expressions to boot. Then you’ve got the humor, a lot of which comes from the fact that Howard the Duck is such a stupid character, yet here he is, a talking fucking duck, hanging out with Spider-Man, but then you’ve got a whole bunch of self-aware, sometimes 4th wall breaking humor which should be familiar to anyone who reads Sex Criminals. So yeah, the fact that this book exists is really stupid, but I love that it does, because it was honestly a really good read.

Deadpool #43

With a 9.99 issue coming up and this storyline just doing absolutely nothing for me, coming off the Axis story which I thought was weak, I don’t think I’m in for the conclusion of this book. This arc has just been so uninteresting and just doesn’t seem to really have a solid focus. Helping out people int he middle east… now there’s some crystal coffins that are related to his wife, and then that evil SHIELD or whatever wants to kill him. Whatever. I'm pretty sure I’m done.

Spider-Gwen #2

So I just realize that apparently I really like Spider books with ladies, but can never get interested in Spider-Man? This, Spider-Woman and I picked up Silk over the weekend because I was bored… All fun, good looking books… but I just don’t give a shit about Peter. So in this issue Gwen is super concussed and Spider-Ham is her brain damage buddy! Hooray! That was funny… But we also get to see more of the sort of flip-flopped reality this series takes place in, like how Daredevil is an evil defense attorney and a total dick. ALTERNATE REALITY! Get it? Wait… is he a defense attorney in regular continuity or a prosecutor? I’ve got no idea, whatever! Another fun issue, that’s for sure. I’m curious to see where this book goes if what Gwen’s concussion told her to do is what I’m thinking it is (proving to the world she didn’t kill Peter). 

Thor #6

Okay, so they’re either just starting to basically do everything BUT say Roz is Thor, or they’re pulling one last “fuck you, we tricked you!” before issue #8. Logistically, it makes sense, this issue Thor and SHIELD go “Hey wait… where’s Roz?” next issue new Thor fights that metal thing, then we get the reveal in 8. Seems pretty cut and dry now, but I’ve still got that feeling in my gut they could pull out the rug from under everyone and do a last minute gotcha, which would be awful in more ways than one. This also seemed to be one of those issues where a character says all the bad shit that’s going to happen within the title for the next couple years, so someone should probably bookmark that page with the guy and the bride or whatever.

Southern Cross #1

The only Image book of the week that I read! How sad. But fortunately, this new title was pretty decent. Southern Cross is a sci-fi book which sees a woman headed out to one of Saturn’s moons in order to recover the body of her sister who died while working for a mining corporation… but there’s a mystery afoot, as there tend to be! While the issue wasn’t one of those “punch you in the face with how great it is” in my opinion, I think it did a goo job of setting up the plot long with subplots like a potential romance, the main characters past, etc. I’m in general not a huge science fiction fan, as any title I read in the genre has to stick out and do some pretty great stuff for me to continue on with it, so that said, this issue interested me enough to feel it out for a couple more issues to see where it goes.


  1. I too have a bad feeling that Marvel is going to pull some sort of 11th hour switcheroo on who the female Thor is, and the reveal will be out of left field and probably be confusing or underwhelming. Or it's just Roz. Either way, such a lame gimmick -- the faux-mystery, not creating a female Thor, per se. Meh.

    It's interesting that you're sort of dipping your toe into the Spider-books for the first time. I'm personally not a big fan of Dan Slott's Spider-Man run overall. Then again, I didn't really care for JMS's either, which means I haven't really liked Spider-Man for like 10 years now. So there you go.

  2. Spider-Gwen (and the Miles Morales comic) feel much more in the vein of classic Spider-Man right now than Peter's book does. Slott has had a terrific run on Spider-Man but it's tailed off since Superior ended. Spider-Gwen is pretty phenomenal so far though.

    I liked Southern Cross too although it seems a little too close to The Fuse or Roche Limit. Image has a lot of same-ish sci-fi books out there right now. Good first issue though.

    1. Tell me about it, the Image Expo before last it seemed 2/3 of the books announced were all dreary sci-fi future books.