Saturday, March 7, 2015

Stack Rundown, 03/07/2015

This was a real strong week for Image Comics. Saga, Rat Queens, Nameless and more were already real good to start with, but then you get another new book that people are already calling the best new book of 2015... which remains to be seen since the online comic community will jump on just about every hype train possible, but still, good stuff.

Swamp Thing #40

Wasn’t this book supposed to be in “widescreen” like those couple of Batman/Superman issues? The cover was… Eh, who cares? So… I don’t know how I felt about this ending. Once it started getting all meta with the… literature Avatar or whatever I just read was, I have to say I sort of just started to lose concentration going through it. Granted, I liked how everything wrapped up, big battle, good guys win, popcorn movie type shit, but how it was presented was just… Given it was the last issue, it just felt weird that THIS is when they’re going to throw out that crazy shit. Like, the book is presented in such a way for 39 issues, then we get this curveball with the 40th, and then it’s over. I was just left a bit indifferent towards the ending, which is unfortunate given how much I’ve enjoyed the book overall.

All-New Hawkeye #1

My current bet is that we get three issues of this book prior to the final issue of the previous volume comes out… and apparently that’s in late April, so let’s get it going All-New Hawkeye. This was another one I was a bit hesitant of, but since I wrote this after I wrote the Descender #1 bit, and I usually put Marvel ahead of Image in these posts, that doesn’t make any sense to you… Basically, I’m a little off put about how much Lemire just writes children. Nothing wrong with that, but he just does it a lot, so with that in mind when I saw the preview pages for this a couple months ago and it’s “Hey look, Clint is a kid with his brother” I just thought “oh, come on.” But, it was decent enough, the present day stuff with Clint and Kate was entertaining, and different than the previous volume simply because it left the apartment complex and dealt with shit like Hydra, rather than the Tracksuit Mafia… Then Hydra’s got some evil plan that has to do with kids… Again… Jeff Lemire just writes about children so damn much apparently. Don’t get me wrong, good issue, but it’s just… gah!

Spider-Woman #5

Fun story, when this book was announced, I heard about it and thought “I liked Dennis Hopeless’ Cable and X-Force, and reading Secret Avengers has got me interested in reading the character, so, I might check this out!” Then, Marvel did the dumb as shit thing to do and launched a new ongoing series directly into a crossover. No couple of issues to get established first, just straight up crossover fodder. Yeah, no. Then came this big change in everything, style, direction, art, costume… Jessica Drew, on her own, getting back down to the street level stuff, with a new practical, not boob hugging with an arrow that says “by the way, this is my vagina” costume, and so on… Boy that does sure sound familiar… Yeah, this issue was Batgirl AS SHIT. That’s not a bad thing at all, and Marvel has said “this was the plan al along we thought of this first blah blah” (which I don’t believe for a second) but yeah, this is totally Batgirl with laser powers. But that said, it was fun, it has a great looking art team on it, and like I said before, I liked Dennis Hopeless on Cable and X-Force, and his easy to pick up and read entertaining style carries over to this title. Glad I gave this new direction a shot, because I’ll be sticking with it from here on out… until there’s another crossover, which let’s hope doesn’t happen. 

Nailbiter/Hack/Slash #1

I was pretty damn excited when this book was announced, because talk about a just straight up “well, duh” crossover. These two properties meeting up just make sense. You’ve got your Hack/Slash with all the hacking and the slashing of the serial killers, and you got your Nailbiter with all the serial killers doing all sorts of hacking and slashing. This is pretty much like peanut butter and jelly. I enjoyed both stories, but given that I’m a bigger Hack/Slash fan, I preferred that story a bit more, especially because it played with the past continuity a bit, or at teased it, suggesting there was a past history with Cassie’s parents and the town that Nailbiter is set in. Solid package for both titles, but even more so if you like and appreciate both already.

Descender #1

Believe it or not, I was pretty hesitant coming into the series, I only decided to read it the Monday before release. Something about Jeff Lemire’s creator owned work has never really connected with me. From afar, it all sort of blends together… Sweet Tooth is some animal hybrid kid in some desolate world… This is some robot kid in a desolate world. I don’t know, it’s just never done anything for me, but since I’m a big fan of Dustin Nguyen, I decided to give this a shot, and I’m honestly glad I did. All the previews for this series had been about the boy robot Tim-21 which got me thinking the way I just explained, but the broader story was never really shown or hinted at. Outside of that kid we’ve got a whole universe that was completely obliterated by these giant ass anime space robots, and now whatever is left of society believes that this kid might be connected. That stuff is pretty interesting! More of that should have been shown… Well, it doesn’t seem like the book needed any help getting over with the audience, but still… I would have at least been more interested. So I mean, yeah… I didn’t know what to expect, but came away enjoying this much more than I thought I would.

Revival #28

This story is just getting weirder and weirder… now there’s something about ancient Hindu stuff from India and the dirty ass river whose name I forget at the moment… People getting shot in the face… Old crazy guy seeming like he knows how everything is going to play out because hell, he’s a crazy conspiracy guy, so of course he does… Mouth to mouth fish transfer. Look, I realize none of these sentence fragments make any god damn sense, but trust me, this book is all sorts of crazy and it’s quite a damn good read. If there’s one thing that keeps me coming back for more, it’s how unpredictable this book has become. 

Rat Queens #9

Dude, it’s been so long since there’s been a new issue of this damn book. Good god. It’s been since… October or something? Fuck. Sure, sure… there was some drama behind the scenes, but the important part is that the book is back and man did it not skip a beat. Obviously, this was Sejic’s first issue as artist, and I couldn’t be happier to be reading a regular book from him again. He’s one of those guys who was a fantasy pick for me in regards to who should take over and holy crap, he did. Sejic’s art style fits perfectly with the setting of the book, and the way he uses facial expressions so masterfully plays well with the humor and delivery of the dialogue. Man, I’m just really, really happy that this book is back, that’s about all I can say. I love everything about it, always have, and now it has one of my favorite artists on board. Sure, all that drama was unfortunate, but the book is still so good.

Black Science #12

Another universe, another set of shit to deal with for the Black Science Buddies! or Anarchist League of Scientists, whatever they’re actually called. Last arc left this issue to begin in a really crazy place. You got Grant Prime (relative to this book) alive, his alternate self dead, his alternate wife still there, pissed at Rebecca prime, the woman Grant cheats with, and now the kids are running off, and they’re in some advanced Roman Empire where Black Science got a whole bunch of people killed. Awkward situations all around. That’s why I love this book, from issue #1, it’s been a steady stream of everything becoming completely fucked, so there has yet to be a boring issue. And given that things look to continue to be totally fucked in this arc, I doubt I’m going to get bored any time soon.

Saga #26

And Saga keeps up with the intergalactic family drama. For whatever reason, with these last two issues, I’ve really appreciated Hazel’s narration, as she’s given insight into the current events that would normally go unnoticed without lots of exposition, and since she’s narrating others, it doesn’t come off as sort of cheap Wonder Years shit… Like Dengo realizing he probably done fucked up with the Revolutionaries. On the other side of the universe, I’m not sure I’m all that into the stuff happening with Marko now. He basically has this breakdown saying he’s addicted to violence and how could his family want him back, but I’m not sure there was a whole lot of that prior to the blow up he had with Alana where he threw groceries at her. Maybe it’s the whole being a soldier thing, I don’t know. Also not big on the “now Marko’s on the drugs” ending we got, but perhaps that’s just a one-time he was an idiot and OD’d sort of thing.

Nameless #2

And then things started getting super weird. SURPRISE, it’s a Grant Morrison book, who would have thought about that. This is one of those issues where Morrison spits out a whole bunch of stuff I never heard of and gets me wanting to google whether or not this is real theories people believe or if he’s just making everything up… Like a fifth planet between Mars and Jupiter that was done blown up in a giant war! …and now the spooky asteroid in this book headed for earth is a bomb left over form that… and for some reason is making people just go full on Crossed or something… Yeah… I just love full on crazy Morrison. I thought Happy! was pretty tame for him, but I’m glad to see just the crazy occult sci-fi shit in full effect here. 


  1. It was so awesome to get Saga and Rat Queens in the same week!

  2. Wow, I just started Saga and burned through all of it in one night. I WANT MORE

  3. If they were to relaunch Swamp Thing, which I really think they should, who would you want to take over for Soule? My pick would be Becky Cloonan and Brenden Flectcher.
    Also, I thought the ending to Saga #26 was the best part of the issue, it's interesting seeing Marko reach that point.