Wednesday, March 4, 2015

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn #15

Harley has quite the busy life, so naturally, it's time for her to get a personal assistant... or two... or three... or god knows how many... Also, innuendos!

The Spoilers:

Still feeling crappy about the previous night's events, Harley decides to cheer herself up by buying a hundred some odd birds, while the rest of the city is going crazy, just because (also, it's New York), and when she tries to help out some people, all her new pet supplies get jacked while she's distracted. Luckily, when she gets home, she finds Ivy waiting to cheer her up.

Harley and Ivy end up having a venting night, where Harley lays out all her woes, and a couple of glasses of wine later, is lamenting about her terrible romance life. Trying to figure out something that help Harley's hectic life, Ivy suggests hiring a personal assistant, which Harley takes to mean Ivy was volunteering, and gives her a big hug. They both end up on the floor, people are on top of each other, hands are places off panel, innuendos a plenty, but then there's a knock at the door.

Hey, it's that Mason guy, apologizing for getting mad with some flowers, so, I don't know, he and Harley set up another date or something? After Ivy tends to the flowers Mason murdered, they go forward with the assistant plan and post a wanted ad on some black market craigslist. 

Conveniently enough, the issue had also been following a number of tough as nails girls from various backgrounds and ethnicities, who all seem interested in the add. See the cover of #16 for more!


The Opinion: 

More Harley and Ivy please. Just scrap Harley/PG altogether and go with Ivy instead, thanks. No, but seriously, whenever Ivy shows up, it's always a high point, those two and their implications play off each other so well, and have done so long before this book was even a book. Outside of Ivy, what's set up here has the potential to be a whole bunch of fun, and possibly will be sticking around following the 16th issue, so it'd be fun to see Harley leading her own gang for a bit. 

I did have a couple of "eh, not really feeling it" moments with this issue though... For instance, the whole fire rescue thing, it just seemed really out of place. Like I get that Harley's life is super crazy lately, but her beating on some random fire villain just get completely random and sort of a waste of time, especially when more time could have been devoted elsewhere (like with Ivy!). Then there's the stuff with Mason and it's just like... eh, whatever, I'm over him. Don't care. There was also a couple of fill in pages here and there, so the consistency was broken up a couple of times through out the issue.

All said, any issue with Ivy guest starring is a good one in my book, and this gang of Harleys like has quite a lot of potential. 

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  1. Just wanted to say this before new comics come out tomorrow: I agree with you that the new recruits has a ton of potential and has inspired me to continue reading the series after picking it for the first time with this issue.