Wednesday, March 4, 2015

SPOILERS: Grayson #8

Mr. Minos has always and perhaps continue to be a mystery.

The Spoilers:

Guess what! Turns out Mr. Minos infiltrated Spyral in order to expose them to the world, and now that he's got all the Paragon organs, he's attempted to kill Helena Bertinelli with her own crossbow, and is now talking to someone he believes to be a reporter. Back at the school, Frau Netz carries a wounded Helena to Dick, and we learn Helena is a bit rightfully paranoid, and always keeps the sights on her bow set out of position while holstered, thus Minos not hitting her heart. So now it's time for Dick to go after Minos, who they believe to be stalking Agent 1, the only other agent not currently out on assignment.

Sure enough, The Tiger is Minos' next target, and Dick finds him before anything bad can happen, but Minos does have a fully reconstructed Paragon with all the powers of the Justice League, so that's a problem. Luckily, Dick was Batman, remember? And being Batman means you have to learn your allies weaknesses, so Dick knows how to handle himself against the League's powers, and offers advice to Tiger in order to do the same.

Remember how I said Paragon was fully put back together? Well, not entirely. He's missing the heart that Dick "lost" in the desert, and thanks to a distraction from his students (who have named his butt cheeks Juan and Jim), he grabs Tiger's gun, and casually mentions he was lying about being a terrible shot, dropping Paragon with a bullet straight to the heart. Minos is impressed, but nevertheless says he's going to continue his plan to out Spyral, that is... until Helena drops him with a bolt through the heart of her own.

But unfortunately for team-Spyral, that Minos was a fake, and the real Minos is talking to the reporter... But she's not a reporter. If you know mysterious black-haired ladies and Spyral, it should be pretty obvious who this is (I think) and it becomes obvious to Minos who she is when she starts talking about how maybe Spyral knew who he was, maybe Spyral used him to attract Dick Grayson into their web due to his similarity to Bat-villains, and now that they have Dick they can "encourage" him to serve their larger purpose.... Yep, Minos goes "Oh, fuck" basically, and gets killed with a little discreate bolt to the brain, as our (probably not so) mysterious Spyral Agent 0 gets up, gathers her things, and leaves.


The Opinion: 

This issue had a lot of high points and like one low, but man was it good. Kathy has been the big question mark lingering over the whole Spyral thing since this book was announced, so I'm very glad to see her introduced into the title. Granted, there's a chance that woman isn't Kathy, but come on. Her familiarity with Dick definitely suggests it is, outside of the visual clues. Outside of (probably) Kathy, this issue sets up quite a few changes for June, noted by the "coming in June" text, promising a new mission and a new partner for Dick. My best bet is that Helena takes over the school, and The Tiger aka Agent 1 is Dick's new partner. I'm torn about that possibility. Dick and Helena have been the solid core of this book, so potentially breaking up their field operations along with the potential slow down of their relationship could put a damper on the book, but the quality has been so consistently high since the word "go," that I'm not that worried. 

Numerous positives aside, I think Minos was the low point of this particular issue. Sure, something seemed to be up with Minos in the most recent issues, but this swerve into him being a whistleblower to being dead, all without learning what his actual deal was, is quite frustrating. Maybe they'll circle back to it eventually, but I feel like this could have used a second issue to really give us a solid reason as to why this all happened. 

Minos aside, we sit here at the break with two months between now and the next issue of Grayson. There was a lot of questions surrounding this book when it was announced, but I think it's safe to say that it has solidified itself as one of the best titles DC has got going for itself, and personally it stands right next to Batman as my favorite. Best Dick story since Morrison's Batman and Robin, hands down.


  1. Fir first thing I thought when I read it was "Kathy does love her head shots..."

    Agree about Minos, though part of me wonders if they kind of ran into Convergence and wanted to at least wrap the first season of the story before then, which I actually appreciate, if that's the case.

    And he's, I miss morrison's take on Dick, and man does this seem like the same guy.

  2. For once the solicit was somewhat accurate . Man this finale break blew my mind and then Kathy and spyral pulling a death note on Minos though I also agree its a real shame that we will never find out about Minos or who he was working for or why he did the things he did

  3. if Minos made 2 copy's of himself (as shown in #7) and only two died, doen't that mean there is another one out there? Dr Netz did say he is smarter and ahead of everyone. I'm probably pulling strings, I love this series

  4. This was definitely my favorite new issue this week, but I agree Minos broke bad too quickly but I enjoyed it nonetheless.