Wednesday, March 25, 2015

SPOILERS: Gotham by Midnight #5

Will Gotham be destroyed by the Spectre?! NO! Because there's like a billion other Batman books to read, but you know... it could happen, maybe.

The Spoilers:

Spectre vs. Miagani monster thing, but Miagani had summoned the Spectre to judge Gotham, and even thought they're fighting, the Spectre is weighing his options. Meanwhile the Midnight Shift scrambles to figure out what's going on and the one guy who knows about Corrigan and Spectre's connection, Weaver, is about to use his last resort and kill Corrigan so the Spectre doesn't kill everyone. Drake stops him and does her scream power... which apparently means someone is going to  die? Or has to die? Everyone's praying that the Spectre doesn't destroy everyone, Drake's putting a gun to her head, and Sister Justine is out in the middle of the city. In the end, Spectre just sort of goes away, as does the monster, who isn't satisfied, but isn't defeated. Everyone's like "What just happened?" Batman shows up like "What just happened?" Corrigan is like "I don't even know" and they find Sister Justine dead.


The Opinion:

So, I got lost, totally and completely lost. I don't understand why Justine died, maybe she was the sacrifice to the Spectre or something? I don't understand why Drake's scream means someone has to die and why she was going to kill herself to appease that apparent fact (Don't remember that reason in the issue that spotlighted her). I just thought this issue got a little too crazy for its own good. The art and action were fantastic, but what the fuck actually happened and why is way up in the air for me. Ultimately, I'd like to see this book continue with direct ties to Gotham, but sort of just scale it back and be a little more straight forward than whatever just happened. I wouldn't mind a little explanation on a few things. I'll stick with this book post-Convergence at least for a few issues, but I'm still on very uneasy footing with it, and while the actual reason this takes place in Gotham elements in issue #4 were a step forward, this issue felt like a step back for me.


  1. Yeah. if you read Justine's dialogue, she offers herself - a pure soul - in exchange for Gotham's survival. The Voice then restrains the Specter and the Miagini thing goes away.

    1. Sort of figured as much, but that just never seemed to be how the Spectre worked before so it just came off as sort of weird to me.

    2. True. I'm guessing that since the Specter hadn't decided yet, Justine was able to appeal directly to the Voice and bypass the Specter.

  2. People have prayed their way out of Spectre damnation. Final Crisis: Revelations was all about The Voice having alternatives for those who request them.