Wednesday, March 25, 2015

SPOILERS: Gotham Academy #6

Those last couple of pages of this issue have me so god damn excited for this book to return in June, you don't even know.

The Spoilers:

So, Batman is being his general dick self and beating up Killer Croc while the kids trie to make their escape, but it turns out that Olive may have inherited a few of her mom’s genes, and she sets off Colton’s fireworks with her mind, causing enough of a distraction for everyone to escape, her with Croc.

Under the north hall, Olive and Croc talk about Sybil. Turns out Olive’s mother would slip in an out of lucidness, and when she was herself, she befriended Croc, and asked if ever possible, that he look after Olive. Croc assures Olive that her mother never stopped loving her and asks her to find him if she ever believes the “fire” she shares with her mom is who she really is.

Later after meeting back up with her friends, Olive has a confrontation with Batman on the roof of the school where she lashes out at him or everything that happened to her and her mother. Batman claims that Arkham was the only place suited for caring for her, but Olive states that he ruined her family’s life, they lost everything, her mother couldn’t afford the medications and nothing that happened was her fault. So yeah, Olive still don’t like Batman at all. Batman requests that she hands over the diary she found, because it could be dangerous in the wrong hands, but Olive claims it was burnt in the fire.

The next morning, Olive and Pom barely pass their presentation, because they couldn’t exactly use all the information they had found out. That day at lunch, Kyle meets up with and wants in on their adventures, letting them know they can trust him. Colton shows up with an A on his paper, which makes Maps figure out what the symbol they kept seeing was. Two inverted A’s, and based on what Croc told them, Millie Jane’s connection, etc… Arkham Asylum. The school and the Asylum are linked. While the kids are discussing what this means, Olive thinks she sees her mom in the crowd but can’t be sure. She goes back to the table to find everyone ready to start a detective club of sorts.

Elsewhere, someone is breaking into Olive’s dorm, to find the perfectly intact diary, steals it, then zips away on a grappling line. Who is the their? Well, he’s got a meeting with Headmaster Hammer and his father about enrolling into the school… Look at June’s solicitations. YEEEESSSSS.


The Opinion:

First of all, this solicit said there would be tacos, there were no tacos, what the hell? 1/5, fuck this book.


Okay, not really. BUT I WILL NOT BE LIED TO! Anyways, like I said, Damian coming to this book, for an issue at least, is amazing. Remember those Steph Batgirl issues with Damian? If the issues of this series are even a fraction as entertaining as those were, then we're in for a treat. As for the rest of the issue, it was a big one for Olive and learning about her mother. We kind of learn what exactly happened to the Silverlock family, but the details are a bit hazy, one could say they're obscured by smoke... of the fires Olive can start WITH HER MIND. Yeah, that'll be interesting to see develop. Then the series continues just to have great ties to Gotham itself, between the interaction with Killer Croc, the school's apparent connection to Arkham Asylum, and oh yeah, Batman

There's some fill in art in this issue, but it's one of those cases where I really don't mind, because the artist they got to contribute to Karl Kerschl's usual work, Mingjue Helen Chen, looked really fantastic. She's got a post-Pixar animated Disney movie look and for good reason... since she worked at Disney and is now an animation director at Paramount. She's drawing issue #7 and I think maybe some of the Endgame issue EDIT: nope, so look forward to that.


  1. Holy crap, I somehow missed those last pages. No idea that Damian was in it.

  2. Damian is the student that Gotham Academy deserves. Perfect way to cap off an opening arc. I mean I'm glad he's a support role and this book has other leading roles, but it's a great place for him to pop into because he's earned involvement in a second title, this one is totally eclectic and age appropriate, and I mean, how cool is your Junior Detective Club when Robin is a member?

    So good.