Wednesday, March 4, 2015

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #40

Batman beats Anarky, the end.

The Spoilers:

No, really... That's about it. Anarky was that Sam Young guy, who was a congressman or something? Was in foster care, Mad Hatter took his sister and she died, was the first Alice... Completely wrong given there was a whole Mad Hatter origin arc in Batman: The Dark Knight, but whatever. And fuck it, what else is there to say? Batman won?

The Opinion: 

Boring ending to what turned out to be a boring, paint-by-numbers story arc. Here's the problem with this arc, and the previous arc, there's no weight to them. Both had a handful of new low-tier characters, they did some stuff, then they were shown the door. This book did nothing to establish any interest in me for the characters like Elena whatever her name was last arc, and this Sam Young guy, like I give a shit that Mad Hatter (who is kind of boring to begin with) killed your sister, and now you're taking your own form of justice because the system is broken. GET IT? it relates to Batman because he seeks justice, but he's not a killer! He has restraint! Parallels! I mean, let's be honest, how many times have we seen that story before? Someone tries to take justice into their own hands but Batman stops them because Batman. It's the same problem I had with the last arc telling the "Gotham changes people for the worse!" story for the billionth time. This book is just doing nothing but recycling old, very basic Batman story tropes, and blinding everyone with the beautiful art into thinking they're something more. Don't get me wrong, the book looks absolutely fantastic, but it's all flash, zero substance. 

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  1. I kind of like having one book that's, if not divorced from continuity, more or less doing its own thing, just telling "Batman fights crime" stories that don't have any real effect on the ongoing soap-opera of the Bat-verse. Between Batman, Eternal and B&R the continuity-heavy stuff seems covered - I like having this title as the stuff Batman does when he's not doing that stuff.

    I do think the creative team would be better-served to do shorter arcs though. I had no recollection of who Sam Young was, so the big reveal was kind of a wet fart for me. I re-read the whole arc today and the setup is much more clear (frankly obvious) when read all at once, but it loses something when the story stretches over 4-5 months.