Wednesday, March 25, 2015

SPOILERS: Catwoman #40

Catwoman goes to war with the rival crime families and she's bringing a secret weapon... Catwoman! No... not the other one, her, she's bringing herself, because--you know what, just read the damn issue.

The Spoilers:

The short end of it is that Catwoman is ready to go to war with Black Mask's forces which include the Falcones and the Hasigawas, so she needs reinforcements, and this Lewis guy who I barely paid any attention to is the key, because he works for the Foster Lane family, which is code for the Penguin. Selina strikes a deal with Cobblepot, his men for divided territories later, and the war is on, but not before she sends Eiko away to stay out of it, and potentially safe.

Selina's family is doing pretty well, so Black Mask and Hasigawa plan to strike back, and also Black Mask questions Eiko's loyalty and all that. Selina's "brother" Mason attacks Antonia, who was supposed to be out of the city, but Selina saves her and tells him to get out. Then I don't know, she decides the best way to fight is in the war room as the Calabrese boss and on the streets as Catwoman.


The Opinion:

I warmed up to this arc towards the end, but I still think it could be tightened up here and there with some fat cut. The Mason stuff just never made any sense to me, and the two cops (who I didn't even bother mentioning in the write up) just seem like dead weight to the story. I just think this issue (and arc) would have come across a bit better if it was more focused on instead of having these occasional tangents for characters that are somewhat confusing in their inclusion or ones that are just holdouts from the lackluster runs on the books that came before this. All that being said, I am excited to see Selina back in costume again, which is what I've really wanted all along. The mob boss angle was fine, I wish it was a little more in sync with what we have seen in Eternal, but ultimately I'm reading Catwoman to read Catwoman. June should be fun.

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  1. It could be more stylish, for sure. In Eternal, particularly in Seeley issues, but all the way back to Snyder's Nguyen-penciled opening chapter, Selina had style that Catwoman '66 would envy, and simultaneously evoked various disparate eras of her existence, from Finger's "Queen of Crime" all the way to Brubaker's legendary run.

    So the super-noir art sort of works, but not as much as hopefully the next artist. But between Selina blending her Catwoman persona with her gang leader status, I suspect that's completely happening.