Wednesday, March 18, 2015

SPOILERS: Batgirl: Endgame #1

So here's what they decided to keep a secret until release, this is one of those completely visual issues, where all the pretty pictures do the talking, instead of the talking doing the talking. Artistry!

The Spoilers:

So, the basic story of this issue is pretty simple. Gotham is crazy infected, as we all know, and the Burnside bridge has been blocked off by the authorities, in order to stop the spread of all the Jokerized crazies from getting to that part of the city. Batgirl is doing her best to help uninfected across, and eventually rescues a couple who are missing their daughter. Naturally, Babs goes back to find the little girl, but comes to find that the authorities are going to blow the bridge, and the girl is stuck on top of a bus on it.

Babs tries to go rescue the girl herself, but she's out of ziplines, so she contacts Frankie to use some tech and figure out the girl's cellphone number. Babs texts the girl to get her attention and signals to do the whole "make yourself smile to look like one of them so you can walk with them" zombie thing, but the girl starts to lose her smile due to her being scared, and she's taking quite a long time too. So Babs has to go in and handle it herself.

Some crazy action later ends with the bus in the river, the bridge being blown and Babs hang-gliding away with the girl safely, and everyone's happy.


The Opinion:

So like the Detective Comics tie-in last week, there's nothing here that's particularly necessary to "Endgame" or for that fact, the core Batgirl series alone, though, unlike the Tec tie-in last week, this issue manages to make itself stand out for the fact that there is no dialogue, and the story is told entirely visually. I was really pleased to find out that was the case, because it was a surprise, rather than it being an advertised fact that they were doing a "silent" issue. You can't just produce any issue, take away the text bubbles and go "here you go, it's artsy as shit!" You can tell from the start that the writers and artist Bengal had this concept in mind, and use the action, facial expressions, phone notifications, etc to perfectly tell the story without the use of words or dialogue. So while this issue isn't big on character defining plot or anything, it's definitely something you can walk away with satisfied given the way it chose to tell the story.


  1. There was a "Sebastian" on the VIP list... and one person from the bus had white beard.... was it Sebastian Clarke from "Talon"? Seems so. Plus, someone with a surname starting with "Po"... like Powers.

  2. I'm pretty sure that was Tanya Fox or whatever her name is; Lucius's youngest daughter. The passenger list for the bus in the first few pages listed the Foxes.

  3. Yeah it's the Foxes! Thing about Tanya (Mrs. Lucius) is that I totally thought her name was Cynthia and I have no idea if my memory of Batwing is just that faulty. Tiff is so gonna be Junior Batgirl someday probably not though.

  4. Bengal's art was amazing here. MUCH better issue that the 'Tec issue.

  5. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the art driven and dialogue free narrative, given this is the first issue of that kind I read.