Wednesday, March 18, 2015

SPOILERS: Batgirl #40

So, we've got two Babs, one real and pretty level headed, the other cyber, and totally fucking nutso. Annnnnnd, fight!

The Spoilers:

So, in case you missed it from the Secret Origins issue, while Babs was in the chair (and in a personal dark point in her life) she created a program with her brain scan that would act as a why to detect and prevent criminal activity, but that program remained, gained sentience, and believes it is the real Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, and has been screwing with real-real Babs ever since, organizing all the bad guys we've seen up until this point... Like Riot Black, who cyber-Babs takes over and uses to knock real Babs out.

Cut to Babs waking up with wires connected to her, turns out cyber-Babs is trying to put herself into whatever the neural implant that makes her spine work, thus taking over Babs' body. Not only that, but she's using Hooq drones to scan the city (or at least the Hooq party) and combine the info she gets with her algorithm to determine whether or not anyone will commit crimes at any point in the near future.... Turns out, due to her being all cyber crazy, everyone has the potential to do some criminal activity, so what is the best way to save the city? CALL IN AN ORBITAL LASER AND LAY WASTE TO EVERYONE GEARS OF WAR HAMMER OF DAWN STYLE.

Yup. We're going there. I mentioned earlier in the week this shit gets crazy.

But, Babs eventually gets free, knocks out Riot Black again, then goes outside to try and warn everyone, but the drones start going crazy. Babs gets a tip from Qadir about frequencies, so a Canary Cry later, and the drones are taken care for, but the cops still want Batgirl. Frankie patches in the feed to show everyone crazy cyber program is really screwing with everyone, and in order to screw with it enough to allow Frankie to hack into it, Babs gives the ol' robotic paradox by asking who will she be protecting if she kills everyone. Can't compute. So Frankie takes over, that's that. Party all night.

The next morning, or afternoon, Frankie tells Babs that she was able to salvage some of the original code, minus the whole personality thing, and was able to work into a program they could potentially use together to help fight crime... Frankie's even got a name for it, buuuuut, Dinah shows up. Turns out Dinah is spinning off, NO ABED, people don't spin off... wait, getting my references messed up. Anyways, Dinah is headed on the road, and she stops in to once again reassure that she and Babs are both cool again. But before she leaves for good, she notices Frankie's program and asks what it is.


The Opinion:

So, a couple issues ago, if you told me this arc was going to end up having an orbital laser pointed at Burnside, I'd be telling you that's crazy and doesn't fit the aesthetic, but sure enough, things did get that crazy with probably-going-to-be-called-Oracle-crazy-cyber-Babs, and damn was it entertaining. The only thing I didn't really like about the payoff was the whole robotic paradox thing, it's just been done so many times, pretty much in any story with a rogue AI or something, but whatever, minor complaint. What I really liked about this issue, and honestly, the whole arc when you look back on it, is how detailed and planned out everything was. You go back and look at what just looks to be a group of colorful new weirdos and villains, but each issue represented a part of Babs and how it related to the bigger story, then it all came together this issue for a pretty entertaining payoff. While I'm feeling left a bit high and dry by other series at the moment, it felt really great to walk away from this first story arc of the new Batgirl era feeling as if my investment was totally justified and paid off in the end.


  1. Basically, cyber-Babs is movie Ultron.

  2. Where did an orbital laser come from! The watchtower? Because if not, then that's a scary plot hole they opened .

  3. Great issue, I can't wait for the next arc

  4. You know, the Captain Kirk vs. Robot paradox has been done to death, but how many times has it been an AI that's essentially "Yourself, suffering depression" and how many times has the now not-depressed hero convinced a depressed version of themselves that they should kill themselves? HEAVY!

    "Oh hey dark Babs, your whole purpose for existence is flawed. Instead of overwriting my current happiness with your dated depression, you should probably just end yourself, mmkay?"

  5. Great issue and a fantastic first arc. Too bad all that cover hoopla is probably going to overshadow it all. Can't wait to see if they use the name Oracle. Fucking convergence....

  6. Something I really liked about this issue and the new direction all together is the supporting cast that Brenden Fletcher and Cameron Stewart has built around Batgirl, especially Frankie.