Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Peter Tomasi Working on a New Bat Title

A week or so ago, Batman and Robin writer Peter Tomasi tweeted that while Batman and Robin was coming to an end, it wouldn't be the ending to his time in Gotham. I suspected that he might be one of the writers on Batman Eternal year two, as that's just an easy guess. Today Batman and Robin artist as well as writer/artist on the upcoming Robin: Son of Batman, Pat Gleason confirmed that Tomasi does indeed have a new book in the works with Bats being a key part. Now, if we're getting super analytical with those 140 characters, Gleason says "his own" title, not "a" title, so perhaps it's something different than Eternal year two? Or my super analysis means shit and he is a contributor for the second year of the title that surely won't drive me as god damn insane as this year, RIGHT?!

...c'mon, you knew I had to get a little jab in there.

EDIT (3/15): Tomasi has confirmed that one of the Bat things he's working on will come in October, and then something else in early 2016. Sounds like SDCC announcements to me.

(Source: Pat Gleason's Twitter)


  1. I hate to see these two break up the their excellent team.

    I'd like to see them work on a Red Robin book. Or a Harper/Steph/Carrie team up book.

  2. While many of us figured he'd work on something, I expected B&R would continue, what with the culmination of a year of "Bring Back Robin" adventuring after being so entwined with Grant's run. So I really don't have much in the way of speculation now - I tried to think back on loose ends or interests in Tomasi's run that he's hinted at and besides whatever the hell happened to Two-Face, I've got nothing.

    But if I got to choose the title it'd be a Batman: The Brave and the Bold relaunch. The team-ups in Hunt for Robin hinted at his knack for having Bruce go one-on-one with other DC stalwarts, and that would be a killer way to utilize all the International Batmen, too. Plus like, team-ups with Green Arrow and chasing Ra's al Ghul and Talia around the globe.

    Color me curious.