Sunday, March 22, 2015

Not a Theory: New Batman IS GCPD Related

So, the running theory on the new Batman... or new Batman suit in the very least, debuting in June was that he was police related, due to the red and blue lights, and that Detective Comics cover. Well, theory no more, as a twitter follower of mine pointed out that the Convergence variant featuring Greg Capullo's character designs straight up has "GCPD" printed right under the breastplate.

So of course the crazy option is "It's Jim Gordon!" and maaaaan, I really hope that's not the case. Jim Gordon is a great character and all, but he's not why I'm reading these particular comics. I've got zero interest in reading that under any circumstances or context.

Also, after Eternal, I really hope this isn't a drawn out "who's under the suit?" "mystery." If DC wants to sell something weird and crazy with Batman, fine, do that, but give the readers info on what they're buying/reading up front so they don't have to wonder whether or not they'll like it in the end. This being such a weird concept, I feel it'd almost be better to let people know what they're getting, let the story speak for itself rather than hinging on a long mystery which could have a lame payoff. If they keep it a secret, it'd be like a video game publisher offering a season pass for their game's DLC, without actually detailing what you'd be getting. "Trust us man, you'll like it, just give us this $25 right now." Four months later "here's some time trials and weapon skins, you moron." Yeah, that's what I'd like this whole thing to avoid. Rip the band-aid off ASAP.

Regardless of whoever is under that suit, I'll read it. I practically have to for the site and my own curiosity... But man, am I concerned about this. I've said it multiple times before, this is either going to be great or the Batman team just jumping the shark. There's probably going to be zero middle ground on this one.


  1. Hey, Michael Lane was a cop, after all...

    Also, if it's not Lane, than it's Bard or Gordon.

    1. Bard's whole thing is that he hated Batman because his partner got killed because of some Batman wannabe, can't see him going "Okay, I'll be Batman now"

      Plus there's the whole thing with him being part of a giant conspiracy to destroy Gotham, soon

  2. Anybody remember Stan Kitch? The officer that looked just like Jean-Paul Valley because of Aparo's art? (To be fair, Kitch predated Jean-Paul and Jean-Paul only looked like Kitch after a haircut.) I want it to be Kitch.

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  4. Yeah... gonna be weird. Capullo and Snyder are lucky that they've got 40 issues of strong work to fall back on. Just about anybody else and I would not be picking up issue one.

    Isn't the real problem with all of this that we don't know how Endgame... ends? I mean, there have been a ton of allusions to "big changes in the status quo," which to me, implies that Bruce won't be around for some reason - either because The Joker reveals his identity, he's "dead," or he's otherwise "sidelined," or some combination of all of the foregoing. That's all speculation, but kind of hard not to assume some combination of those things could happen given how Endgame has been trending and what we *think* we know about the post-Endgame Bat-verse. The only other wildcard that occurred to me recently is that it's just straight up Bruce Wayne in the suit and he's been "legitimized" by the GCPD. Not saying that would make sense, nor does that necessarily fit with it being a "crazy" story per se, but it's definitely strange and novel. So I dunno. This whole situation is very weird, especially given the way it's playing out -- not to mention the end of Eternal looming, a story that happens before Endgame, which happens before we get Ro-Bat-Bunny-Man.

  5. It's always interesting, as an outsider's point of view, to see how much people are freaking out ! Of course, we all have been feeling betrayed by editorial decisions but I think this reaction is more linked to our instinctive fear of change. But still, I understand, considering the enterprise's decisions in the past, people might feel insecure. As for me, I am willing to embark on this new chapter of Batman's sotry and I trust the creators hinsight. :)
    But a "legalized" Batman would be like a re-reading of Batman 66 ! XD

  6. Snyder and Cap have done nothing but kill it on Batman since issue one, so, I have no doubts in my mind that this will be no different. I won't condemn it or talk shit about it until I actually read it (and it doesn't deliver. Like I said, they ALWAYS deliver).

  7. I'm still leaning on Blue Beetle as the new batman...