Thursday, March 19, 2015

Looking Forward: March 25th, 2015

BEHOLD! The last regular-ish week of the New 52. Then we got annuals and some leftovers that were delayed... Then in April we've got Batman, Justice League, and Superman. Boy I'm going to enjoy not having comics to write about every week for awhile. What is Gotham Spoilers going to do in those two months? I don't know... I'll probably write about wrestling or something. That's dumb.
  • Batman Eternal #51: I mean, really, what's to stop anyone in the Bat family from going "Cluemaster? Cluemaster?" and one-punching him in the face. The end.
  • Batman and Robin #40: Final regular issue of this series... Then what's next for Damian? Well... Because DC don't give a fuck about continuity anymore, lots of stuff! His own book, Eternal 2, Gotham Academy
  • Gotham Academy #6: Speaking of Gotham Academy, who's ready to see Batman fight a teenage girl!?
  • Catwoman #40: I thought we might get Selina giving up the mob position to go back to being Catwoman, turns out that was wrong, and she's having her cake and eating it too... Fits well with all the historical references in this book.
  • Arkham Manor #6: I really don't know what's left to do in this book other than find that guy who's barely a character.
  • Gotham by Midnight #5: I was thiiiiis close to dropping the title until last month where it did just enough to keep me interested. 
Another big week, followed by another big week with an oversized Eternal conclusion along with two Endgame issues, an annual and a Harley issue. Then vacation!

Just because Gotham Spoilers is going on vacation doesn't mean you should stop supporting my vacationing ass! Got trades, shirts, or whatever to buy!? Do it at those stores I got links to in the banners!


  1. Ready to drop GbM? That book's been great!!!! Too bad Bats got pushed to next month, this is going to be a fun week.

  2. If Batman just punches Cluemaster in the face and ends the series, that would be the best thing that could happen because it would encapsulate and sum up the whole boring affair.

    Also, the concept behind Convergence is idiotic and it's going to be terrible.

    At least we get the conclusion to Endgame next we... fuck. Never mind.

    Well, I'm feeling positive. Maybe you can post pictures of your new puppy to cheer me up.