Thursday, March 26, 2015

Looking Forward: April 1st, 2015

And here we are, the end of the New 52. It's had it's ups and it's downs, but now it's over... sorta. Then it's on to Convergence, which I'll talk about in a bit.
  • Batman Eternal #52: I'm writing this post before #51 even comes out, so I don't fucking know what to think. Chances are, I probably just don't care anymore.
  • Batman and Robin Annual #3: Farewell to the best logo in comics!
  • Gotham Academy: Endgame #1: I've asked who in their right mind would send their child to a private school in Gotham, and this is exactly why I ask that question.
  • Harley Quinn #16: Harley joins a gang... of herself.
  • Arkham Manor: Endgame #1: I've got no idea what this one is supposed to be. Villains and stuff?
So, let's talk about some stuff. I've said it in comments and on Twitter, but I don't think I've made the formal announcement on the site itself, so here it goes: I will not be covering anything Convergence related. I've had a long standing rule that I only really give full coverage to books that "matter" to the characters. If I started bending that rule, I'd just have too much shit to cover on any given week. On top of that, I just have zero interest in Convergence to begin with. It's a stop-gap project to cover DC while they make their move/transition out West, and nothing more to me. So that's that.

What am I going to do with the site in those two months? Well, I'm going to enjoy quite a bit of time off from the weekly grind of having to pump out posts Wednesday. It's going to be nice to just read comics and not have to do anything about them. April is going to be pretty light on posts. There'll be that one week towards the end of the month with Batman #40, but that's pretty much it for full coverage. I'll still do Stack Rundown every week, so there's that too. Then come May, DC will be releasing 8-page stories that I guess are sort of like #0 issue/primers for the new series/directions coming in June. They'll be released for free everywhere, so I figure I'll have one catch all post each week for the stories that are relevant to the site. Then it's June, and we're back to normal, unless something terrible happens to me between now and then.

BUT IN THE MEANTIME. You should still support Gotham Spoilers. Buy some shit at the stores I got links to? That'd be cool? You buy stuff, I get a referral bonus, it works out pretty well.

So, THAT'S ALL-ish FOLKS, see you in June?

PS: Don't be surprised if I turn this into a professional wrestling blog during the break. Especially if Reigns goes over Lesnar at Mania this weekend, because hoooooboy, some things will be said about that. Blame Convergence.


  1. Reigns better not win. He's going to be booed mercilessly and with Lesnar re-signing, he's going to get a huge face reaction. I want Reigns to lose and then to officially turn heel the next night with his own "Die Rocky Die" promo. I would only be okay with Reigns winning if Rollins cashed in right after since that would be amazing. I would be happy with Rollins cashing in on Lesnar too since Rollins is so good and I want him to cash in since I don't know when he would be able to if Lesnar retains.

    1. The more I think about it, with Lesnar resigning, I can see Rollins cashing in and losing, which is really unfortunate since he's been such a god damn good heel. Lesnar as a part timer just works better if he has that belt.

    2. I have a bad feeling that Rollins is going to cash in and lose. What I want to see if Lesnar is champion after Wrestlemania is Bryan vs Lesnar at Summerslam for the title with Bryan ending his one year long reign. That would be awesome. I also could see WWE have Lesnar hold the belt longer than a year to get after CM Punk so that could be played up more. At least with Cena and Bryan most likely winning the US and IC titles, then they will be forced to be taken more seriously to get some prestige back.

  2. After Eternal finishes, I think I'm going to go back and review Grant Morrison's Batman run, by story arc, on my own blog. That should hold me over week-to-week until the next Eternal begins.