Thursday, March 12, 2015

DC Introduces Price Increases Coming in June

June is a pretty exciting time for DC Comics, yeah? Well, before you go all crazy adding shit to your pull list left and right, it should be noted that you'll probably be paying a bit more for titles you already read, as some of the more popular titles have been increased to the increasingly standard $3.99 price point. Titles getting a price increase include:
  • Harley Quinn as well as Harley Quinn/Power Girl
  • Grayson
  • Robin: Son of Batman, which replaces Batman and Robin
It should also be noted that while it isn't a replacement title, We Are Robin is also a $3.99 book, which is either DC showing confidence in a risky title that could sink or swim, or just pure arrogance.

I get it, these books sell well, so DC wants to make more money off of said sales, thus increases the price. It's a business. But for the consumer, it's pretty damn shitty. It's one thing to introduce a book at a certain price point, but to increase the price when-the-fuck-ever, while not offering any new benefit to the consumer is like I said, pretty shitty.

Side note: Remember that time I was worried about the weekly titles being introduced at $3.99? I will now revive those same worries until Batman Eternal Year 2 #1 is solicited and prove me otherwise.

See people, this is what you get for supporting books! Because of you, we're all now spending more money to read the same type and amount of content! Thanks a lot jerks.

(also, add Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman to the price increase club)


  1. Rich Johnston suggested that DC *might* include digital redemption codes with $3.99 titles from June as a substitute for the now-defunct combo pack initiative... Have you heard anything, or do you have any connections who might know more?

  2. Honestly, I'm surprised DC has held out on a $3.99 price point for all it's "A-list" character titles as long as it has. It's a small thing, but I do appreciate the glossy cover stock for the $3.99 titles. You can call it "lipstick on a pig" I suppose, as it literally makes it feel more important or like you're getting a better value, but it's not nothing. Marvel prints their $3.99 titles with shitty interior paper stock for the covers. (Not trying to start a DC vs. Marvel bitchthread, simply pointing out some differences.) That said, the abrupt $3.99 bump is jarring. I never understood why neither DC nor Marvel didn't go for a $3.49/$3.50 price point. I'm guessing there's marketing research/theory that shows a 50 cent versus dollar increase is psychologically negligible to the consumer, so just go for the whole buck.

    Anyway, what bothers me more are the occasional $4.99 books. That's where I'm "drawing my line."

  3. I may be dropping the few DC books I read. I know it's too early too judge, but I'm not excited about what little I've read about the new direction of Batman. The most recent arcs of Tec and Flash have been mediocre at best. B&R is ending although I'm curious about the new Robin book replacing it. I'm just glad I never jumped aboard the trainwreck that is Eternal. That just leaves two Image books for me; Birthright and Descender.