Thursday, February 19, 2015

Well, Here's some Catwoman #40 Spoilers

With Convergence on the way, Catwoman will be going through a few more changes, one of which would be a new ongoing artist in David Messina... But before we get there, it seems outgoing artist Garry Brown has revealed a bit of what to expect, having posted a couple pages of #40 on twitter.

Looky there! Pages! If I'm to interpret these pages, it looks as if Selina is handing over the underworld to Penguin and returning to her role as Catwoman.

I'm pretty happy about that.

While I think the idea to put Selina in the position of crime lord of Gotham was great, I think the execution in her own book is lacking. To be clear... Genevieve Valentine has brought an undeniable uptick in quality to the book, no arguing that, I'm just ready to get Catwoman back.

If you've read my opinion on the more recent issues, you should know that I'm kind of tired of mopey conflicted mob boss Catwoman, while in Batman Eternal, whenever we do see her, she's confident and in-fucking-charge. There's also the element of the current run of Catwoman which mirrors some of my problems in a book like Gotham by Midnight where I just don't feel Gotham is being utilized that much. Sure, there's Black Mask just sort of there, and Batman shows up every few issues, but there could be so much more. In Eternal we see Selina interacting with much more of Gotham's cast, doing shit like hiring Killer Croc as muscle or working with Ivy to get dirt on the other villains, her as the mob boss doing that is cool as shit. In Catwoman on the other hand, we've got just your standard mafia struggles with generic Yakuza and Italian mobs with a handful of new characters that I'm just flat out indifferent on. Don't get me started on the girl pretending to be Catwoman at the moment. I'm not saying this should have tied in with Eternal (hell, you just can't really sync up a monthly to a weekly, thus Batman jumping ahead with Endgame), but I think it should have at least reflected some of the ideas and content more.

So, if we're moving to just plain old Catwoman, that's fine with me. I'm ready to call the mob boss thing a wash, as we haven't had a particularly well written Selina as Catwoman in quite some time. So I'm looking forward to Selina maybe getting back to basics. Maybe things will lighten up. Maybe we'll get more Gotham. Who knows!?

(Source: Garry Brown Twitter)


  1. Random Note: At first I was pretty sure the main villain in Batman Eternal was Lincoln March, but after this week's I'm starting to think it's Selina's father. Any thoughts on this?

    1. With Riddler saying "You are echo" (Your echo), Stephanie saying the bad guy is Bruce Wayne (obviously someone who looks like him) and Ra's saying the bad guy is Bruce's "Dark reflection" (a term Snyder has literally used to describe Lincoln March), what on earth made you switch to Calabrese?

    2. While I doubt it's my thoughts you seek, I feel like that might not be the way they'll take the book. It seems to me that someone who's already showed up isn't going to be the big bad, and it'll probably be someone who hasn't been used in the series yet (like Lincoln March). It could always take some turn no one expects, though...

    3. He's the most overlooked character. What other point is there in introducing him in the series? It just seems like he's setting Selina up, or that he's using her. Also, just the coincidence that he was there during the riot at blackgate is too much. I can perfectly imagine him being the one handing out the invitations or whatever also.

    4. The very first page of Eternal #1 makes it clear that whoever it is, their motivations are very personal, not to mention they know Bruce by name. Calabrese has been "retired" since before Batman was really a thing.

    5. Fair. But using Lincoln is a bit too easy and obvious. I don't think Snyder would go for it. Doesn't seem off, or like he's just another distraction? Maybe they won't even reveal the villain until Batman Eternal Year 2.

    6. If they don't reveal anything until THE NEXT YEAR, then Eternal is a waste. Simple as that.

    7. Re: Eternal: I believe DC is using the weekly format to expedite the progression of the New 52 franchise to a conclusion before the Convergence reboot. The biggest hanging thread in the new 52 Batman is what happened to Lincoln March after the Court of Owls saga ended. March being the big bad of Eternal makes sense. Synder even said that he'd be bringing March back for a story. I agree with FHIZ that this is likely the one.

      Re: Catwoman: Having Selina be all 'large and in charge' would make her almost the same character as Amanda Waller. Exploring her insecurities as a matriarch is what (I feel) separates the two characters. When we see Selina in action in front of others, we do see that 'large and in charge' character. What made it interesting for me was seeing her planning, thought process, and struggle before she took those actions. This arc that Valentine is writing is very much an exploration of Selina Kyle's character. Who is Selina Kyle? We get answers from Batman, Eiko, and Selina herself but which is more valid? To quote Anne Hathaway, Selina Kyle wants you to think she knows who she is but she might not even sure herself (or something along those lines).

  2. I interpret the discrepancy between how Catwoman is portrayed in Eternal vs. her own book as just a matter of continuity. In Eternal, Selina is more in charge and confident in her role as she just got it. However, with the passage in time between issues 34 and 35 of Eternal plus however amount of time has passed between that and Catwoman 35, Selina has been in the role longer and developed more insecurities and concerns and a less effective tenure. I could be overthinking what is simply conflict in Editorial, but regardless it'll be good to get Catwoman back in her role as Catwoman. And concerning Eternal, other than the mostly awesome Tim Seeley issues(especially this week's with LDM), Eternal has frustrated me immensely since they revealed Hush in #21.