Saturday, February 28, 2015

Stack Rundown, 02/28/2015

And there goes February. 1/6th done with this year! Think about that! Pretty solid week to close out the month. There were a number of new series that I decided to read, literally just because, some books had arcs end, some had new ones begin, overall, lots of variation.

Spider-Gwen #1

I like the new Batgirl, so of course that means I’m a social justice warrior hipster who is running comics, thus I would enjoy this book… and hey, I did. I tried getting into Spider-Man recently and just didn’t really care because there were so many strings attached and why not, but during that time, I read the Spider-Gwen one-shot because everyone was talking about and it was hard to avoid. I enjoy this take on the Spider concept because it’s simple, fun, looks great and doesn’t have a whole lot of strings attached. Don’t have much left to say honestly, enjoyed it quite a bit, and hey, I’ve got a new Marvel book to read. 

Deadpool #42

These past two issues just seem like they’re buying time for something… of course that something is the eventual “oh no Deadpool is dead, but hey, look he’s not anymore, new #1.” I mean, duh. But with that in mind, I just haven’t found these past two issues all that interesting. This book seems to go through phases where it’s telling a big story, then things just sort of die down and dicks around for a couple issues… like right now. Hopefully the swing upwards is coming around soon.

Uncanny Avengers #2

I love Rick Remender’s Marvel work, but that said, this is so weird. I’m enjoying it simply for the style and feel of it, but I’m still trying to make heads and tails of the story and what the angle here is. I guess the big thing is finding out what Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are, if they aren’t mutants, but I’m still sort of at a loss without a bigger hook hovering over all this, like pretty much everything since Uncanny X-Force’s first arc. Hopefully things get big soon… and that’s not a “hopefully” in a sense of if it doesn’t I’m out, but just a hopefully because I want it too. Hell, with Secret Wars, I don’t even know if this book is continuing or going on a hiatus or something… Marvel is super weird right now.

Secret Avengers #13

Boy, it feels like we’ve known this book is ending for a year now, but with it being on a totally monthly schedule, it seems like it’s taking awhile. Not complaining about that. I’m not sure really what to feel about this final act with MODOK’s former BFF just going “DEATH TO THE BULLIES!” via some inter-dimensional Cthulhul or some shit. Just a super weird play to end it all on, but let’s see where it goes shall we? …YES, we shall. Because I’m 13 issues in and no weirdness is going to stop me from reading the last two. Props for the Deadpool scene this issue, I wouldn’t mind an Ales Kot written Deadpool series, just saying.

Suiciders #1

This was my “why not?” purchase of the week, as I really had no interest in the book prior to release… Well, that’s not necessarily true and sounds a bit harsh, I like Lee Bermejo’s art a whole lot, but what little I read about the premise prior to this week never really caught my attention. But here I am, having read the first issue and what do you know, I thought it was pretty okay. Didn’t really get a sense of the big picture, but this issue did a good job of setting up the world of New Angeles, the politics behind it, and what not. Did I mention that Lee Bermejo illustrates it? Cus that’s a pretty big damn draw for me. So yeah, I enjoyed it, will stick around to see how it pans out. Was pleasantly surprised with the first issue and I hope that feeling continues.

Effigy #2

Issue two of Tim Seeley’s new Vertigo series exploring life after fame! What a generic opening sentence! Reading this issue made me question whether or not I hate the main character, who is a former child star, now low ranking cop. She just kept talking about herself like a person who hasn’t quite let go of the past, and those types of people kind of annoy me! That said, the fact that the comic is making me feel something means it accomplished something, right? Still feeling out where the book is going. We’ve got the murder involving the old show and now a scientology like cult, so it’s safe to say, things have the potential to get pretty weird, so I’ll be reading and waiting.

Low #6

Remember when I was all “It’s weird to read a Rick Remender book with a character who is genuinely hopeful and optimistic?” WELL. No more of that, because hey main character, now your son is dead and the daughter you rescued went off to do her own thing (find the other daughter) and now you’re alone! Whoops! Solid, beautifully illustrated issue with all the soul crushing you can handle. I realized how Bioshock-like this series is this month (only took six issues) and I’ve got to say that I kind of like it more now, even if those similarities are very, very basic. Curious to see where the next arc goes, I personally hope it follows the daughter who went off to find her sister. Not sure I want an arc of Stel going “SHIT, now I’m sad!"

Chew #46

CHEW IS BACK. And that last page from the previous issue is still super fucked up, and it gets even more so this issue! Also, oh hey, D-Bear! He punched an old lady in the face! Oh, Chew. Never change, never change. I guess the bigger question was what Colby was planning on doing with a cooked Poyo, and my best bet is him trying to get Tony to eat Poyo so he absorbs the awesome chicken powers? But I guest why John would kill him and not just set Poyo after the Collector… Also, that assumes that I’m right in my theory, which is a stretch. But oh well, WE’LL NEVER KNOW NOW! Because Poyo got thrown away and that’s totally the end of that, totally.

The Wicked + The Divine #8

I keep saying that I am really glad that I stuck by this book, because I am, and even more so this issue, because the “why” of why I stuck around finally clicked. I enjoy this book a great deal because it reminds me a lot of the Brian Azzarello/Cliff Chiang Wonder Woman run, where on top of your basic Wonder Woman stuff, you had all the gods and how they interacted with each other. This issue was just pretty much a big rave issue, but within that, you learned a good deal about each god, their relationships with one another, and their possible motivations towards the larger story… also, the issue is visually super trippy and just hands down great looking, so there’s that candy-like aspect as well. I was on shaky ground those first three issues, but man, I think this book is pretty fucking cool.

ODY-C #3

So this is the issue where everyone gets decimated by the Cyclops. Hey, I vaguely remember that from my time reading the Odyssey… But now the Cyclops is a she(ish?) with like 9 boobs, and everything looks super trippy and what not! Yep, still the story of this book. Super weird, have trouble sort of keeping track of which god is which, but regardless of that, I find if I just take it slow, I can keep up with this weird as shit book. Not my all time favorite book I’m reading at the moment, but it is fairly interesting, nonetheless.


  1. I feel exactly as you do about Uncanny Avengers right now. Not totally loving the first couple issues, hoping the action picks up, not sure what to make of the setting (Counter Earth or whatever). Just... waiting and hoping because it's Remender.

    Low, just another Remender book with crazy ass stuff going down. Woot!

    Not reading any of the other titles. My pull is bloated with other (non-Bat) books. One of them is Thor, which I know you were reading at one point. The annual was out today. Had a story with art by Chew artist Rob Guillory. It was okay. Two other stories that were also, "meh." Kind of like the new Thor title overall with Not-Lady-Thor. Oh well, maybe once they reveal her identity and whatever is going to happen with Secret Wars happens, Jason Aaron can get back to being left alone and writing more fun stories like he did at the beginning of God of Thunder.

    1. Whoops, I lied, I'm also reading Effigy. I really like it. If anyone out there likes Tim Seeley (Grayson, Revival, Hack/Slash) check it out, especially cuz it's only two issues in. I feel like it's headed for some very weird places.

  2. Same about not reading spider man just too much baggage!

    I really enjoyed spider gwen because it was a clean slate and a fun read.

    I can't wait for the Mary Janes to tour burnside lol

  3. Suiciders #1... Lincoln March vs Red Robin? Ooops, no.

  4. I like Wicked + Divine but I am dropping it after this issue because of money and I don't have the same enthusiasm for the mystery as I did when I started the series.