Saturday, February 21, 2015

Stack Rundown, 02/21/2015

Man, it has been a long week for me, and I am tired as all hell. But despite it all, I got this post out on time! Even if I did read two of the books this morning, only to realize there was a third I had left to read when I was all ready to go in the first place. Oh well!

The Multiversity: Mastermen #1

I ain’t got nothing bad to say about an issue that opens with a full page splash of Hitler popping a blood vessel on the toilet… especially when it’s illustrated by an artist like Jim Lee.  I want to say that this was possibly one of my favorite issues of Multiversity, because it made me hate it so much. Does that make any sense? NO. But hold on… I hate it because it’s a one-shot. This was the one Multiversity issue where I went “wow, fuck these guys, I want more, end there you bastards!” So we got Superman who is the Nazi Overman, but it’s in the present day and he’s starting to question the things he did under the command of Hitler, and everyone (who wasn’t alive then) is all “why would you do that?” This sort of alienated Superman who ended up on the wrong is far more interesting to me than your average joe Superman, and then it just ends. I wish there was more.

Justice League #39

So this arc is done… I don’t know. It was entertaining, Jason Fabok sure can draw the shit out of superheroes, but I just have this nagging feeling… Geoff Johns stories used to mean something, when he made shit happen, there were ripple effects outside of it, for better or worse he seemed to be the architect of the modern DCU, but then he got stretched in other directions and now it’s just sort of… not the same. I just have no confidence that this will really matter in the long run, outside of his own books, maybe. There’s just been so many introductions of concepts that were one-and-done ideas and then he comes up with something else. So this new Amazo? Yeah, pardon me if I don’t care. Then a perfect example of present day Johns just having total ADD and dropping things left and right was the final page: HEY LOOK, Hal Jordan is back. Cool… But remember Simon Baz? The Green Lantern Johns created based off this own ethnic background and hometown? What the fuck ever happened to him? Sure, not exactly relevant to this story, but it just illustrates how many plates Johns started to spin only to lose focus and have them come crashing down. Remember Goldrush? Who the fuck was that?

All-New Captain America #4

I remember when I decided to read Rick Remender’s Captain America, it was just sort of on a whim and I wasn’t expecting much, but now in a time where my Marvel pull-list is dwindling, this book remains one of my favorites, just because it keeps me on my toes every issue… I mean, this issue just ends with Zemo putting a sword in Cap’s throat. Like… what the fuck? REMENDER’D. Then, on top of that, the bad guys accomplish their plan, like how often does that actually happen? The book is just crazy. The only weird thing I have with it is just the lack of context and repercussion. It sort of feels like Uncanny Avengers, when all this crazy shit was happening but it was all happening within the bubble that was this single book. Cap keeps bringing up how Ian got killed and how bad Steve must feel, but we’ve just seen no repercussion of that event, just Cap talking about it. Just feels weird.

Invincible #117

Sort of a “pack the bags” issue, jumping around a lot, visiting a bunch of characters before Mark and Eve leave the planet. It’s one of those focus shifts that Invincible constantly goes through, and even comments on early on in the book with the comic book store scene… LOLMETAHUMOR. I don’t know, not a whole lot to say about this issue, just a bunch of characters talking, Mark still not wanting to have sex, and they named their daughter after Earth. Got to wonder how long the book will stay focused on Mark and Eve IN SPAAAAAAACE, because as usual, there’s still a whole bunch of plot threads left dangling to be developed later. Final note, just because, but with the new colorist who replaced John Rauch recently, and Ryan Ottley inking this whole issue himself, visually, this issue just looked off to me. I kind of hate that I notice these things, because it just serves as a distraction.

Deadly Class #11

Well, another arc of Deadly Class is in the books, and as you’d expect, shit got crazy. Everything went FUBAR in the kids plans to kill Fuckface, in more ways than one, but miraculously, everyone made it out alive… this issue. That’s the one crazy thing about this book, it’s a Rick Remender book, and not a single main character has died in 11 issues… That’s got to change eventually, right? Maybe it won’t, since he’d be offing kids… but I mean, they were holding the head of a dead supporting kid this issue, and the one who likes to fuck animals got his throat ripped out by a dog, so who knows… Boy, I can imagine with no context to the statements I just made, this book sure would come off as super fucked up to those not in the know, and well… it kind of is. I’m not sure how on board I am with Maria getting even more focus this next arc… I want to learn more about Saya. She’s cooler, there I said it. Not exactly a controversial opinion, though.


  1. I would also like to see Geoff Johns' ideas and characters get used more often outside of his own books, especially since his reinvention of Amazo is just too cool to not use.

    1. I'll respectfully dissent. I'm not sure there's anything all that interesting about giving a not that interesting villain a new coat of paint. Kind of lacks originality. I concur with the notion that Johns needs to focus more on actually steering the ship of the DCU. You'd think that's what a Chief CREATIVE Officer would do. I understand that in reality he's got a big important corporate job that involves making money for DC -- which means spinning off any and all I.P. into various media. "Spaceballs the lunch box! Space Balls the cereal! Space Balls the video game!" etc. But where comics are concerned, I was under the impression that it was still his job to actually coordinate and direct the DCU. He hasn't done that since Flashpoint... 3 and a half years ago. To me it's no coincidence that the biggest events in the New 52 have actually been in the Bat-books -- because Scott Snyder is actually focused on writing Batman stories. Trinity War and Forever Evil were not compelling, and really didn't have many consequences other than Lex Luthor and Captain Cold becoming "good guys." Hopefully Darkseid War will actually be meaningful... but I'm not holding my breath.
      (Although anything will be more meaningful than Convergence will be...)

    2. Forgoing any argument of originality (though I don't many super villains that are like Amazo now), being a sentient organic virus fits Amazo's character and skills better than being an android. As for Geoff Johns, I think he's steering the DCU as best he can considering his other responsibilities. Forever Evil gets a bum rap for not affecting the comics as much it "should" have. Despite not getting name checked in these titles, if it weren't for Forever Evil "Grayson" and "New Suicide Squad" would not exist and I am grateful that Forever Evil helped make those two titles. New Suicide Squad is my favorite change to come out of Forever Evil and Grayson has been non-stop fun from issue 1. Also, Justice League United could also be argued as fallout from Forever Evil. That being said, I do agree that Johns has been a little one-sided with his responsibilities, being more focused on coordinating the comics with what has been a hit in television, movies, etc. but I still think that is a worthwhile use of his time. He's bringing in new fans!