Saturday, February 14, 2015

Stack Rundown, 02/14/2015

Happy Valentine's day, nobody loves you like I do, baby. So why don't you take a look and read some shit about the books I read this week, for whatever reason.

Secret Six #2

The first thing I thought after reading this issue was how is it that after how long this issue was delayed, there were still a couple of pages with the second inker whose style is nothing close to Ken Lashley’s default look? Looks like a completely different artist, really. Oh well. So, was it just me or does anyone else get the sense that Gail Simone watched Oldboy shortly before coming up with Catman’s New 52 take? Just gonna lock him in a room for a year just fucking because sounds pretty familiar. Not saying I thought it was bad or anything, just REALLY familiar. What I really liked about this issue was the different way this team came together in comparison to past continuity. Basically, someone on the team killed a girl, whoever is torturing them wants to know which one it was, no one knows what anyone else is talking about, but fuck it, time to fight back. It’s a new, but appropriate Secret Six origin. I was worried about this book coming back and whether or not it was like lightning in a bottle in the last continuity, but so far, I feel it’s off to a pretty decent start.

X-Force #15

Well, this one’s over, and now I’m down to like… four Marvel books I’m reading, something super small like that. Depressing! I always feel weird about reading books that are cancelled all the way to the end, because a majority of books I read either just keep going or I drop willingly. So, I mean… it ended? They won in the end, beat Fantomex, Hope takes over X-Force, fires Cable. I wish this book had more room to do stuff with characters like Domino who came in real late, but oh well. I didn’t know what the fuck to make of this book when it first started, but it ended up being pretty damn good, so I’m glad I stuck with it… Now I wait and see if Marvel decides to relaunch it, again.

Thor #5

Cross Lady Sif off the list even though I’m pretty sure this book already did that in #1. But moving on to what else happened… Odin be scheming, I bet that won’t turn out well for Thor, and Thor’s been fighting. This issue walked the line between good in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way, or just too on the nose. I’m talking about the fight Thor has where the guy she’s up against is clearly just an analogue for the initial interaction Marvel got from people confused/angry about lady parts and Thor or something. On one hand it’s sort of funny, on the other hand it’s just so painfully obvious, not exactly nuanced in anyway. I’m more on board with this book than I was early on (since I’m pretty convinced it’s Roz) but I’m still a bit worried about how the book will handle developing a character who it refuses to reveal. I guess that’s what the thought bubbles in not Norse-speak are supposed to convey, but at a certain point I’d like to know (for sure) who I’m reading… but that point doesn’t seem to be coming any time soon.

Southern Bastards #7

Meanwhile Jason Aaron trades in the rainbow road for dirt paved roads in this issue of the Southernest of Bastards. Still just making us feel a bit of empathy towards the guy who just killed the supposed main character in the first arc. Turns out even bad guys had a shitty go of it in their past, who would have thought about that? This was another solid issue, but I’m thinking that I’m winding down interest on Boss’s origin. Probably can take another issue of it, but I want to get back to the present real desperately after how the first arc ended.


  1. Well with Southern Bastards, the next issue is going to be the conclusion of showing Coach Boss's past. Then I'm guessing in issue 9, it's back in the present day which I'm happy about since it's about time to get back to that.

    1. My biggest criticism of this arc is that Boss's origin could have been told in one or two issues... unless something unexpected and really important happens in #8. Which is a possibility given how the first arc ended. Nevertheless, I agree, the Boss origin arc sapped a bit of the momentum and excitement that was present at the end of the first arc. May not have been the best choice from a monthly engagement standpoint. As with most of these indie/creator-owned works, they read much better in trade. Oh well. It's still awesome and I love Jason Aaron... even if he needs to just get it over with and tell us who Not-Lady-THOR is.

    2. I would agree that Boss's origin could have been done in 2 issues, but Jason Aaron seems to be doing 4-issue arcs with this series. It's still good even though that first arc was awesome. I want it to be back in present day. This seems like a series that could be short if the daughter just comes and kills Coach Boss, but I'm not expecting that to happen. I'm not a fan of the reveal of the new Thor taking so long when it doesn't need to. It's starting to be like Bendis who really dragged out the first arc of Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man. Hopefully the pace picks up.