Wednesday, February 11, 2015

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn Valentine's Day Special #1

It's Harley Quinn trying to go on a date with Batman, so it's pretty fair to expect plenty of innuendo, inappropriate comments, dream sequences, and big giant phallic symbols on the very first page, just 'cus.

The Spoilers:

While Harley Quinn sees a news story about a charity auction where a date with Bruce Wayne will be given away to the highest bidder (then proceeds benefit an animal shelter), she gets ready to make her bid, while a wannabe super villain named The Carp laments all the dead fish in New York's rivers, thus planning to rob the very auction in order to save the fish!

First thing's first, Harley needs some money, and after a horrifying dream sequence of married life with a very baby fever Bruce Wayne, she heads out to rob a Wall Street Banker of his money he robbed from Wall Street. Violence! Meanwhile The Carp has enlisted his sidekick Sea Robin in an effort to further his world domination fish sanctuary. 

So comes the night of the auction, where Harley outbids a woman by $100 dollars and a nice choking. But before her date with a concerned Bruce Wayne can begin, Carp and Sea Robin make their move, knocking Harley out with a taser net and doing the same to Bruce Wayne with some weird puffer fish venom slime.

Now it's up to Harley to save Bruce, and with the help of Poison Ivy and Big Tony, she finds where Carp and Sea Robin are, and busts in just as Bruce comes to a "no harm/no fowl" deal with them in order to obtain his own freedom. OH WELL.

So after that, a pleasant night with Bruce is had and Harley kisses him goodnight. Later on, Batman visits Harley on her roof to discuss her new found... semi-heroic...ish ways, and offers some friendly advice to stay out of trouble. Asking if they're really friends now, Harley kisses Batman and tells him to take some pointers on making out from his pal Bruce Wayne. GET IT!?


The Opinion:

Funny enough, I don't think Valentine's Day was actually mentioned at all in this issue. Maybe I missed it... not like it matters though. If you've read any of the other Harley specials, then you know what to expect... it's a bigger issue of the regular series, with a theme and dream sequences! This is actually what I'd like to see more of from the series in terms of recognizable elements from Harley's past (though, I'd like it to be weighted a little more towards Batman than Bruce, but oh well), because it offers a different take on those characters we're not going to see in any other book, which is fun. There was plenty of humor to be found this issue, which shouldn't exactly be a surprise, but a few stand out bits were definitely the dream sequences, one of Harley's take on what life with Bruce Wayne would be like, and the Bruce and his take on what it'd be like with Harley (best bit was him swiftly editing his little black book). I will say that I thought the artist used for Bruce's dream sequence wasn't exactly a "dream sequence" type fit. Just didn't fit the exaggerated visual tone of the other sequence, or the regular pages if I'm being honest. Overall, it was another really fun one-shot from this series and I'm glad to see some Gotham connections being made, hopefully we get a bit more in the future.


  1. I did like Harley listing off every single person Bruce has been in a relationship with during his dream sequence. Nice throwback, but I don't actually recall if Batman ever had a thing with Poison Ivy.

    1. I just love Amanda Connor added herself to the list haha

      In some depictions, Ivy and Bruce/Batman had a thing, but it isn't very common. Read the Legends of the Dark Knight arc Hothouse.

  2. I really liked that - Bruce's dreams are like lucid and really grim 'n' gritty. Pretty much what you'd expect Bat-Dreams to be (look at all his dream-world elseworld JLA adventure dreams like with The Key or Doctor Destiny? Or Arkham Asylum: A Serious House. It's always these alt-futures where everything gets all dark and dangerous and Jungian).