Wednesday, February 4, 2015

SPOILERS: Grayson #7

Watch as Dick Grayson's childhood memories are ruined as he beats up the band who wrote the soundtrack to his teenage years.

The Spoilers: 

Crunch time for Spyral, Dick is missing, but the Paragon brain is going to be used to broadcast the Fist of Cain's murder message at a peace concert, so Helena's top priority is that. But, after tapping into Dick's hypno implant, they find out that Midnighter has it in him, and they use that to their advantage by broadcasting what they learned about the brain and the concert to the hypno, knowing that Midnighter would have to act on the info.

Sure enough, Midnighter sees the info and eventually convinces The Gardener to allow him and Grayson to go and try to stop it. For whatever convoluted morally grey reason, Gardener was going to allow it to happen to send a message or something, I don't know, regardless, Dick and Midnighter team up to help.

Mentally weak from the hypnos linking and for whatever hate she's already harboring inside, Helena is a bit susceptible to the hate broadcast, and attacks Dick for "abandoning" her, before he sort of snaps her out of it. Knowing Dick isn't all into the hate stuff, she suggests he move in while she stays on the outskirts of the crowd to keep things controlled... Oh, and she totally kisses Dick to "clear her mind." Hubba, hubba. 

Long story short, Dick beats up the band, gets the brain, and as he tells Batman in his report, instead of crushing it which would cause more hate, he used his thoughts to convince it otherwise, and return everyone back to normal.

Dick and Helena report in for their debrief, Minos is pleased, wishes he was there (fun fact: he was, shot a dude, no one remembers him being there. SPYRAL STUFF), but sends them on their way to screw with Checkmate some more. Also, Helena's memory is spotty, and she laughs off Dick mentioning her kissing him. Womp, womp.

Midnighter quits the God Garden, telling Gardener he's not like Dick Grayson, and can't work for someone whose agenda outweighs the safety of innocents, just like The Gardeners... Also, there's three Mr. Minos? Weird.


The Opinion:

It's weird, I half-way expected this to set up some big pre-Convergence break "season finale" story for the next issue, but unless those three Dr. Minos guys are coming into play in a big way next issue, I guess we're going into March cold. Oh well, whatever. For the issue itself, it does what Grayson does best, develops characters and their relationships (specifically Dick and Helena's) while providing plenty of "wait, what the hell?" to go with Spyral and all their general what the hell-ness. If I had one disappointment with this issue, it was the God Garden. Last issue, there were a handful of interviews hyping up the God Garden and the Gardener, and here, we just don't get much. That's not to say that the door is closed, it's obviously not, but the God Garden just seemed to be a general non-factor this issue. Just thought we'd get more. Other things to note, Stephen Mooney filled in this issue, and while I thought his first work on the series seemed a little stiff at times, I've got to say he seems to be getting into more of a groove the more times he contributes. If DC continues to use him for spot issues or specials here and there, then that works fine for me.

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  1. I the only one that thought Midnighter looked exactly like the Christian Bale Batman?