Wednesday, February 25, 2015

SPOILERS: Gotham Academy #5

So what does a group of juvenile delinquents do when they're told not to go into the North Hall? They go into the god damn North Hall again. KIDS!

The Spoilers: 

Oh, remember how Killer Croc has been creeping in the walls? Well, turns out he promised Olive's mother, whose cell was across from his, that he'd look out for her daughter, and that's what he's been doing. But he's also been hiding, so when he hears Maps coming, he runs off to hide. Olives and Maps try to find him, but can't get into the North Hall via the passages they think he used.

So, wanting to know more, Olive and Maps assemble Pom and Colton to go all Oceans 11 on this shit, wait for the dance when everyone's distracted, break in and steal Colton's contraband, then break into the North Hall again. It's also worth mentioning, at the dance... Colton uses a young Warren McGinnis to distract Maps' brother. Yes... Terry McGinnis' father. He was in the first issue too. This book is pretty cool.

ANYWAYS, the kids get Colton's shit back, along with taking a crossbow for whatever reason, and head to the North Hall. While running through the school grounds, Olive sees what seems to be a giant bat in the air, so she does the rational thing and immediately shoots it. Turns out it's the Tristian kid. He's infected with the Langstrom virus and has been kept at Gotham Academy since then. That summer he saw Olive go into the North hall and then it got engulfed in flames. He followed her, and saw the flames dancing around her and there was something in her eyes. He saved her, and Professor MacPhereson has had him watching out for her since then. But Maps comes, and like Croc, he flees.

So the kids get into the North Hall, find Croc, convince him to not run away by offering him food, and they begin to talk... but then a number of smoke pellets drop into the room, and Croc knows what that means. Batman.


The Opinion:

I've been teasing the Warren McGinnis easter egg earlier in the week, and that's just awesome easter egging right there. That's part of the reason why I love this book. Past that, it was another solid issue. We're finally starting to get some answers to the mysteries that have popped up through out the series, but I had a bit of a problem with how those answers came to be. Everything about the Olive/Tristian scene just felt super rushed and choppy, just didn't flow that well when I read it. "Okay gang, let's head to the north hall. WHOA A BIG BAT, I GOT A THING WITH THOSE, IM'MA SHOOT IT! Oh no, I shot the cute guy, WHOA INFO DUMP." Just a whole lot happened real quickly. Regardless, I appreciate the story getting colored in, I just wish there was a bit more finesse to that reveal... Not a big deal, really. But that said, five issues in and I think this is the first time something about the series felt even slightly off-putting to me, so that's saying something.


  1. I wonder if anyone else will notice the reference to Croc's "rock" story? It's a line from the old Batman: the Animated Series. Also, Croc looks more like that version of the character.

  2. Where exactly does Warren McGuiness appear in issue 1?

  3. I really enjoyed the McGinnis shout out, and I think the Tristian reveal would've been better if they left it at revealing that he was infected with the Langstrom virus and saved everything else for a later time.