Wednesday, February 4, 2015

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #39

Anarky has driven Gotham City into a state of anarchy, hence the name. Now it's up to Batman and Detective Bullock to put the pieces together.

The Spoilers:

Alright, so, that kid, Lonnie, the original Anarky (I guess not anymore now?) isn't dead, but with current feelings towards the police, the GCPD is still trying to pin it on Batman, while Yip is on administrative leave. Batman don't care (ish) and just wants to figure everything out, so he has to go to Bullock in order to help put the pieces together. Turns out Bullock never submitted the photos of the children he got last issue (I think?) to evidence, knowing they'd disappear if he did, just like the stuff connecting Sam Young to whatever. So now that Batman has some faces... he's got a location, I guess, and a bunch of Anarky followers are at some abandoned house in the mountains, and attack the duo.

Back in Gotham, Anarky is abducting Mad Hatter who sees the blank masks and thinks it's his Alice. In the abandoned house, Bulock is wounded, but notices a family portrait on the ground that looks to have Mad Hatter in it, and it turns out the masks have Hatter tech in them. Anarky brings Hatter to the mountains telling him he's going to pay for what he's done, something like that. 


The Opinion: 

Man, I've just checked out on this story entirely. I'm sorry, but it's just not that interesting. For this being simple street level Batman book, there's just so many half baked threads woven throughout this story, it's just starting to get difficult to follow for me simply because the story can't keep my attention. Then we're going for a last issue (in the arc) reveal of "I'm Anarky and you, Mad Hatter, did something to me in the past, and now I'm mad, grrrrr" and it's just like.... You all are C-List players, who caaaaaaaaares? None of this is entertaining. I've literally shrugged to myself at least three times trying to write my thoughts down. It's not that I actively dislike this book or anything, it's that I'm so indifferent, I'm shrugging at it. That might be worse, I don't know.

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