Wednesday, February 25, 2015

SPOILERS: Catwoman #39

Well, that was certainly unexpected... What is "that" you ask? Well, if you read this issue, you know exactly what I'm talking about and now let's just stop being vague because I'm running on and this is going nowhere so I'm just gonna get to the regular post now okay bye.

The Spoilers:

HEY NOW! Territory is being bought up from under Selina, and as Mob families who are at odds tend to do, a hit is placed on Selina, but that guy who fake Catwoman talked to and apparently I should be paying more attention to, because he's in on the meetings with Black Mask and shit, well he tips off the police... Guess I should go figure out who that dude is.

ANYWAYS. Hit doesn't go off well (as in, Selina survives) and that just means war is around the corner. That Mason guy who claims to be Selina's brother tells her that if she just steps aside, everything will be fine, but the Calabrese family will lose it's legacy. Black Mask gets arrested, which is just a bad look for him, so he's pissed. Penguin steps in offering a solution to Mask. Selina meets Eiko on the rooftop after her father tells her they're going to war with the Calabrese family. They kiss.

Wait. What? Yeah, okay. So um, new romantic interest for Selina apparently?

Huh... Well, Selina entertains the Falcone rep who goes to apologize for the hit, but she keeps him hostage, asking for Mason himself to come get him. She stands ready for war, with whip in hand.


The Spoilers:

This is one of those issues where there are a lot of little moments that would take for-fucking-ever to detail out, and given I never want to be too detailed with these write-ups, I skipped over those. Better read in full than my interpretation of them.

Solid issue. What stood out to me is Selina is much more of a hard ass this issue. She's been super melancholy lately, so her basically going "Okay motherfuckers, let's do this" in this issue sure was nice to see. Then there's the romance angle. I've got no problem with the revelation itself, but I just feel like it sort of came out of nowhere. No interaction between Selina and Eiko prior to this really felt like "wow you two, get a room" tension to me. So the kiss was definitely a "wait, what the fuck?" moment. I mean, I've made my thoughts on Eiko parading around like Catwoman clear: I think it's dumb, but this is certainly a way to keep her around post this arc in a different capacity that may well be more to my liking. 

So everything said, I'm ready to see what comes from Selina putting up a fight and taking up the mantle of Catwoman again. This issue got me ready for that.

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  1. I think they wanted the romantic angle to take this trope in a different direction. Not that it was just for surprise sake because I read some of the past issues and I could definitely see where it came from.