Wednesday, February 25, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #47

Imagine that, Batman leaves Gotham city on an errand, and when he comes back, the whole place is literally in flames. Whoops?

The Spoilers:

With Batman on his way back from the other side of the world, Julia does some info searching on her own, and answers a bat-signal sent out by Selina. Julia doesn't like Selina, let's just say that. Anyways, after a brief skirmish, Selina tips Julia off to someone giving the crazies all the resources in the world, so I guess she should do something about that. Julia ends up sending all the family to go find everyone, Batwing to Scarecrow, Red Robin to Clayface, Batgirl to Joker's Daughter, Blue Bird to Freeze and Jason to Bane.

Unfortunately, the big bad guy in the shadows has made his way into the cave, knocks out Julia, frees Hush. Alfred wakes up to find himself at the computer, and Hush launching his daughter out of some underwater tube, telling Alfred it's a test to see if she can survive Gotham at it's worse. Then he crashes Bruce's plane on his way back into the city. What a dick.

Also, Steph wants Cullen to help her find Vicki Vale, because everything else is just a distraction.


The Opinion: 

I sure did like Juan Ferreya's art this issue. There was a weird scale/angle/position problem with the page featuring Scarecrow and Batwing, but other than that, looked pretty damn good. Bad guy makes an appearance again, from the shadows though. Hush does some talking about it being a friend of the family and also talks about Bruce being an only child and what not. Safe bet is still Lincoln March. This close to the end, I really doubt this book is going to have any major consequences other than Bluebird and Spoiler, so what's the point. Just another issue where no one wants to reveal anything. Five issues to go and wrap everything up in a satisfying manner. Good luck?


  1. It's pretty obvious that "wrapping up" this series basically means revealing the Big Bad in issue 51 or even 52, Batman quickly escaping the bind we saw him in in #1 and either defeating Big Bad or chasing him off with a broom and being all, "I'll deal with you eventually!" by which he will mean Eternal Year Two later in 2015 once DC has sort-of-rebooted everything. Basically, Batman Eternal will lead to a big pile of nothing but revealing the villain and not much else of consequence. Boy, that was all very cynical. Sorry, maybe it's because I read 30+ issues of a series where nothing happens, and reading reviews of the remaining 20 or so has really changed. Ugh.

  2. I have been waiting for lincoln march to show up again and i cant believe its taken this whole series to the end to do it. Waste of money and time. It was a rushed cash grab and i feel cheated on it honestly. The only thing they could do to save this would reveal lincoln (echo) march lol. And pick up on him in the main Batman title otherwise why? Eternal why?.

  3. I thought this issue really set up the final month, and the long long overdue conclusion, well, and had a nice plot structure.