Wednesday, February 4, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #44

Hey, remember Arkham and how it's got ghosts or something? Remember Batwing is a part of this book apparently?

The Spoilers:

Arkham inmates are getting snatched up by the GCPD, and they're all pointing towards one man, (I guess now former) Gotham Academy chemistry teacher, and Arkham medical Doctor, Professor Milo, so that's where Batman's headed.

Meanwhile, Batwing solders some Nth metal to his gloves to punch ghosts, while Stephanie tries to escape Harper's apartment before Harper sticks a taser in her face and tells her to sit the hell down.

Milo is spotted by cops in the airport, he sets off some gas, Batman chases him, deals with the crazy gas people, catches Milo outside, once a-fucking-gain goes "WHO GAVE YOU THE INVITATION!?!" because he hasn't asked just everybody yet, and then ghost hands start coming up form the ground.


The Opinion:

And we're back to me being incredibly frustrated by this book. What is this, like the 10th issue that can just be summed up as "Batman finds a new guy and asks who set him up, but doesn't get an answer." Then there's the padding. Like, oh hey, Batwing is here, remember him? Here's a page of him just putting Nth metal on his gloves, annnnnnd he's gone. Great use of time. How about a whole bunch of meaningless action pages reminiscent of Batman going one-on-one with a SWAT team member, just because. I realize action is necessary in comics, but we've got what... 8 issues left? START TO DEVELOP THE ENDING. That's the real problem I have, we're supposedly this close to the finale, but there just hasn't been much of any indication of that. Everything just keeps going in circles. Outside of Stephanie mentioning what she said last issue, there's literally no reason this issue couldn't have happened four or six weeks ago, because again... it's just another issue... another issue where Batman just chases a bad guy and demands to be told what's going on... except this time it ends with ghosts.


  1. Initially I disagreed with you on how Batman Eternal was being handled, seeing as while they hadn't revealed the main villain yet, it was still filled with a lot of interesting subplots and character development. You know, "journey before the destination" kind of stuff.
    I do agree with you on this issue though, seeing as hardly anything happened in general. Hopefully next issue's promise of "the truth" delivers.

  2. I'm disappointed they've returned to the supernatural stuff, my least favorite part of this series. But I still think it's a solid book overall.

  3. I enjoyed this issue a lot because the true ending of the series won't be in eight issues since we are getting more issues after Convergence.