Wednesday, February 18, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin #39

Damian continue to be all "I have powers and I'm headstrong" right guys?

The Spoilers:

Remember all those villains from the Terminus arc way back when? Well, before Tomasi leaves the book, he literally rounds them all up via super-powered Damian, putting the fear of god into them, as Damian flies them damn near into space… then perhaps loses control of his powers or they hiccup a bit, leaving Batman to swoop in and catch them with the jet.

The next day, on Alfred’s suggestion, Bruce and Damian go on a fishing trip where Bruce explains in detail what happened to Damian and how he theorizes his new powers work. Those theories are put to test later in the lab when Bruce and Alfred discover that Damian’s nerves aren’t broadcasting any signals to the pain receptors in his brain, and that night while out in the field, it becomes clear that Damian is somewhat disturbed by the lack of not being able to feel anything.

Just when Bruce and Damian are about to have another talk, Bruce is called off on League business, leaving Damian on his own… But he goes a little too “scare the criminals with his super powers” so Bruce brings him to the League Satellite where he hangs out with Billy Batson, while Superman discusses a threat with Bruce. Damian happens to know a good deal about the area where the threat is, so instead of leaving Damian in the satellite while the League deals with it, Bruce decides to take his son along for the ride.


The Opinion:

I’m really curious to see if that hiccup with Damian’s powers was meant to mean something (as in they could be temporary, or at least the extent of his powers won’t last that long, meaning maybe he loses the ability to fly or something, while retaining other enhancements, I don’t know, just spitballing) or if it as just “he doesn’t know how to control them” sort of stuff. Kind of hope it’s that first one, as there’s something about Damian flying around that just seems so fucking wrong to me, and has already started to lose that shiny novelty in my opinion. That said, the element that Tomasi added into this angle with Damian clearly being distressed that he can’t feel anything was a nice touch and could go way deeper, as Damian usually turns out to be. While I’ve made it clear that I’m already sort of over the idea of Damian flying around with super strength, I’ll admit that the personal characterization that could come out of it indeed outweighs whatever displeasure I might have with the new status quo.


  1. I can't help but feel Dick would be angry that Bruce went fishing with Damian. All those times in the 60's show where they used "we're going fishing" as an excuse to sneak out and go on patrol but never actually fished.

  2. I really enjoyed Damian just being a little shit to both Superman & Shazam, and hope we get more of his interaction with the Justice League in the future (even if it just remains in this series).