Wednesday, February 18, 2015

SPOILERS: Batgirl #39

What happens when you cross Barbra Gordon with Skynet? THIS ISSUE IS WHAT HAPPENS!

The Spoilers:

So, the Hooq app has gone full on anti-Batgirl and has promised a reward to anyone in Burnside who can catch her, with any force necessary, and Babs still doesn’t know whose behind it, even starting to question if she’s setting the bounty herself, just not remembering it. On top of all that, she’s still got school to deal with, personal stuff, and Dinah is still mad, not really receptive to Babs asking for help.

Nevertheless, Babs continues on but unfortunately for her, the woman she’s tries to save that night is just bait for a group of people trying to cash in on the reward. Fortunately, Dinah comes through and backs Babs up. The next morning they train together to talk things out, and it all finally hits Babs, it’s her thesis program. The brain scan is the virus code in the Hooq app that Frankie has been trying to squash, and now they need to find Frankie before something bad can happen.

Frankie is at Hooq HQ where Babs finds her at a computer looking at all the information that exposes her secret identity. Babs admits to Frankie that she is indeed Batgirl, but the computer has ideas of its own, as Barbra’s face shows up on the screen, claiming she’ll take back what is hers. SKYNET.


The Opinion:

A lot of people figured out what the twist was going to be last month, I was not one of those people, but nevertheless, I read the theories so the last page reveal wasn’t all that shocking to me, but it was cool, regardless. I’ve seen some talk that’s digging a bit too deep saying this is shit like pre-New 52 Babs in a computer trying to take back the mantle and that’s just making everything too complicated to be true. Clearly, Batgirl is not that type of book. I am interested to see what this could turn out to be in the end, I remember seeing some cool discussion on some forums about how Babs could make an app called Oracle or something, and it seems like there could be a distinct possibility of something like that if she gets a hold of her brainscan gone rogue. Art still looks fantastic as usual. If you’ve read any interviews or the Twitters with Cameron Stewart, he mentioned early on that his breakdowns were pretty highly detailed, but as he went on, Babs Tarr got more and more comfortable and he had to do less, and you can really start to tell. While panel flow and action still are pretty reminiscent of Cameron Stewart’s work, the linework is increasingly starting to deviate into a style that is less Stewart/Tarr mashup, and more just Tarr. Slight visual differences and all, the quality remains the same and like I said, the book still looks great.

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  1. It would be cool to see if next issue could work in "Pre-New 52 vs the New 52 Batgirl", not as an actual plot but just thematically.