Wednesday, February 25, 2015

SPOILERS: Arkham Manor #5

This issue left me saying "So wait, there's another issue left?" Not necessarily a great sign.

The Spoilers:

So, Batman beats that guy in the wall and turns out it was just some day laborer who liked to kill people and erased his identity... Then Batman goes after the escaped inmates, one of which doesn't exist, another is just playing in the snow, and the other is gonna show up in Gotham Academy at some point... So that leaves that Seth guy, who has killed his parents! Yay! Wait, no!


The Opinion:

So, this sure was a let down. The main villain just sort of turns out to be nothing, unless there's some big revelation next issue... but where this issue ends, it seems we're dealing with the dude who was sent to the asylum in #1, and hasn't really had a lot of screen time in the series other than a scene or two each issue of bad stuff just happening to him. I'm left wondering why I should even care about this up coming issue after what seemed to be the main plot just ended with a whimper in this one.


  1. You forget Meek... the guy from Batman #34. Looks like he's going to die next issue.

  2. Mr. Freeze throwing a snowball at the Batmobile is just too ridiculous not to love. Also, I enjoyed the aspect of him being a protector for the criminals as well, which doesn't nearly get enough attention. It shows growth from where he began Arkham Manor, mercilessly beating up that thug.