Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Batman Eternal #46 Cover with the Potential Spoilers

First off, hey look, it's Jae Lee not Ethan van Sciver. I'm not complaining. Second off, I guess the person on the cover isn't much of a spoiler if you read the solicit text. Third off... well, let's just go to the reveal, shall we?

Hey look, it's Ra's al Ghul. 

So, let's talk about this, shall we? What does this mean? Is Ra's al Ghul the big bad guy? Well, this certainly throws a few wrenches into the various theories, doesn't it? Awhile ago, I do remember reading an interview with one of the writers specifically saying that the series was titled "Batman Eternal" for a reason... Could this be that reason? Pretty late in the game for a character reveal, no? But... to be honest, we still are getting a bunch of new characters still being thrown in this late in the story, which has been a huge frustration of mine. So who knows? 

But honestly... I'm still going with "no." Ra's probably ins't the big bad. Like in "Hush" (and given the solicitation/what Batman has been doing in this book for the past few months) I see this as just Batman going to Ra's and screaming "WHAT'S GOING ON!?" like every other f'ing issue lately. 

But then again, this is a plot a guy like Ra's al Ghul could orchestrate.

But then again, again, the very first page of Batman Eternal #1 has whoever is the bad guy calling Batman "Bruce." And I don't care if that was an intentional red herring, but having Ra's al Ghul call Batman by anything else other than "Detective" is just flat out fucking wrong. 

So, who knows at this point. Does it even really matter anymore? Do I even care? I can't really say. We've seen past this story in "Endgame" and nothing really seems all that different, especially given that all the post-Convergence changes have been said to come from "Endgame" and not this... so I'm going to say there's a good chance Batman Eternal #52 comes around and we get a big only "well that was nothing." 

I mean, I hope not... But let's be honest. There's a chance.


  1. Remember the Owl on #39, the face on the cover of #51, and the place where Endgame began (Owl base)... I'm sure it's Lincoln March. Ra's simply provided the means to summon ghosts.

  2. Bull! The only way they can bring Ra's into this is if they acknowledge robin rises occurring and then introduce (Super)Robin into eternal(don't we have enough Characters who are completely irrelevant to the story by now). It's Lincoln . End of story . They don't have issues to pull a proper twist. And they want to do year 2