Saturday, January 24, 2015

Stack Rundown, 01/24/2015

Pretty slim week for me again. But don't worry, because like clockwork, a week where my pull-list comes back from the brink and slaps me in the face with more issues than I know what to do with is riiiiiight around the corner. Hooray?

Justice League #38

Maybe it’s because I’m tired, maybe it’s because I’m too cynical, but man… I do not have a single opinion on this issue. I mean… The Justice League is infected with some virus they’re all going to be cured from by March. Welcome to modern superhero comics who play it incredibly safe. It's like the anti-Uncanny Avengers. I will say that the book looks really fucking good. Still kind of disappointed that Jason Fabok got seduced away from the Batman line, but I can’t hate… if you’re not going to draw Batman, might as well draw the second biggest book DC’s got. 

The Wicked + The Divine #7

Man, there are still more gods to introduce, huh? Well, nevertheless, thought this was another solid issue. I’m enjoying things a lot more with a the start of this second arc due to it giving us a solid line to follow with the mystery behind Lucifer’s death. Gods in any form of fiction… or if you want to be less controversial, let’s just say “stories,” are pretty much never selfless and have motives of their own, and that’s what we’re getting here… Except it’s all the gods… and they’re trendy. The personalities of all the characters, the dynamics between them, the alliances they form, the enemies they make, it all makes for a really engaging story so far. Kind of Game of Thrones-y in a way. 

Invincible #116

Well, I for one am glad this book seems to be back on track. The new colorist is going to take a bit to get used to, though. But whatever, I’ll deal. Last month’s issue was a bit of a let down in terms of story for me, mainly because it was just a big fight scene and the issue could be read in two and half minutes. This issue dealt a lot more with the fallout of Robot’s attack on the world in order to actually make it a better place, which he actually did… But that causes problems with Mark simply because he has a problem living in that world knowing how it came to be… and so we get another setup for a new direction. I’ve said it before, but this book is a master of continuing to make itself interesting time and time again… but now that I’m sitting there thinking about it… Parents in space… So, Saga.

Rumble #2

I picked up the first issue of this one a few weeks after it came out because the art looked cool. I was left a little cold and confused by it. This was one of those books where there’s a LOT of questions to be answered, mainly, just what the hell is going on. There’s some Scarecrow… assassinating people/monsters? Yeah, that’s about all I got from the first issue and unfortunately that’s about all I got this month too. With the amount of Image books out there, I often try a lot of them, but the ones that take their sweet time to getting to the overall hook are often left in my own personal readership purgatory. I could stick with them and see if it gets interesting, I could lose absolutely all interest one month in the time between issues, and I fear that’s what may happen here if it remains clandestine. 


  1. Now you've made me wistful for the alternate universe where Rick Remender is writing the Justice League instead of the Avengers.

  2. I loved Wicked + Divine for the reasons you listed and thought that the mind controlled element of the Amazo Virus combined with the bounty on Lex's head made for a very engaging read.