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Stack Rundown, 01/17/2014

Pretty short week for me. Between losing interest in a number of Marvel titles and Image's usual "we'll release a new issue when it's ready" mentality, there were only four books for me to read this week.

All-New Captain America #3

With how last month's issue ended (Ian Rogers getting his throat straight up slashed) I thought it was weird how quickly this issue went "Oh, well... moving on!" It was just hardly ever addressed. Hell, initially, when I flipped through the issue prior to reading it, I thought it wasn't addressed at all. There's just like on panel in the beginning of the issue where Sam and Misty basically "Well that sucks" and that's about it other than some inner monologue about it. I mean, something more has to come from that right? Ian was a huge character in the previous run, so I can't think it's just "Throat slash, goodbye" for him... plus it's Remender. SPEAKING OF BEING REMENDER. Sin tries to convince Sam that he wasn't such an upstanding citizen and that his encounter with the Red Skull had his history altered by the cosmic cube as some sort of plan to create a companion for Steve Rogers who'd act as an unknowing spy. Sam doesn't believe it to be true, but who wants to bet that some parts are and the internet is gonna get mad? I do.

Deadpool #40

So, with Deadpool ending with his "death" soon (yeah, right) I guess there was time to get one more "inventory" issue in, this time it looks like it was colored with crayons! I'll tell you something... I'm long over these inventory issues, as they sort of stopped being entertaining or endearing to me after the first couple, so I totally lost interest in this one about five pages in and just sort of regretted buying it... and that's what I've got to say about that one.

X-Force #14

With only two more issues left, going into this one, you'd figure there wasn't much time left for more revelations of someone doing something pretty shitty... Nope. Cable still sort of acting like a dick, by poking the bear that is crazy Fantomex and leading him to locations where he'd take out different nations' covert teams. Thus, he gets killed. Well, he's a clone of a clone of a clone of a clone, and so on, so that doesn't really matter. The whole "X-Force is the Mutant Nation's covert team while CIA, MI6, blah blah blah, are other Nation's" concept really sort of went underdeveloped this run I feel like. There was that french team that was barely touched upon and then the MI6 British team, but other than that, the initial concept the series was sold on really was swept under the rung for the personal drama between all these fucked up characters, which for the record, I enjoyed way more than I probably would the other. It's just weird that it gets brought up again so close towards the end. So what Cable has it out for the covert ops teams? Just why? There's enough going on already. I guess it was just that one last thing to show how much of an unapologetic prick he can be. Oh well, one more issue to go.

Rat Queens Special: Braga #1

Well, this series has been through some shit recently. No use in explaining, but it's just worth mentioning that I'm glad to have it back in someway, and it'll apparently return to a monthly schedule starting with this special. So here we've got the story of Braga, the big bad-ass orc warrior who just so happens to be transgendered. Most of this issue is Braga's back story when she was a he and going by a different name, in line to lead her father's Orc tribe, who was a bit more barbaric to her liking. Surprisingly enough, most of the story doesn't necessarily deal with Braga's gender identity, sure there's a lot of her father not understanding who she is and them coming to odds, but in the flash back there's never really a concrete moment where Braga as a male puts it all out on the table so to speak. I feel like this is the way to do things. Often it seems that elements of gender and sexual identity can be sensationalized in comics, in order to get headlines or attention. Perhaps I'm cynical, but I feel that sometimes major publishers will do a fair bit of grandstanding for the potential good press when it comes to diversity in comics. Their heart can be in the right place, but with the amount of "ooooh, look at us" going on, it often comes off as the classic "I'm not racist, I have a black friend" bit to me. I think the best examples of diversity in comics are those who don't come off as sensationalized or just checking off boxes, but those who just don't draw unwarranted attention to themselves and just treat things normally, such as this particular issue. This issue basically just goes "Yeah, here's Braga and her history, and oh by the way, she's transgendered, whatever." Well... not whatever, because we're still in a place where trans characters are somewhat of a rarity, but I'm just trying to say that no one is holding up a big flashing sign with and arrow and the words "LOOK, DIVERSITY" anywhere. 

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