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Stack Rundown, 01/10/2015

And we're back, first Stack Rundown post of 2015, first of many most likely. Guess what? Comic books still happened in 2015, so I wrote about them in my non-traditional way. Imagine that shit, huh?

Swamp Thing #38

God damn is this final arc turning out to be great. This issue was one of those issues that really made you want more by the final page, as it really didn’t let up the entire twenty pages and ended on a great cliffhanger. What I am retroactively really appreciating is that this final arc is proving that the Swamp Thing Futures End issue was one of the very few issues that actually mattered and wasn’t a complete waste of time in the grand scheme of things. It’s clear that the future that was set up in September is coming together, and man is it not pretty. The one thing that is bugging me about this arc, and I think I said this last month, is that the Red is no where to be found. It’s just weird that all the known kingdoms (at the moment) are at war, yet the Red is just sitting back scratching itself, waiting for the phone to ring. Just a glaring omission from where I’m standing.

The Amazing Spider-Man #12

So, this was one of those issues that was supposed to “break the internet” which is a phrase I’m so fucking tired of, and this was a key example of why. So, the last page is all “Holy crap, it’s Uncle Ben!” which, okay, say Uncle Ben is really alive all these years, that’s some shit… but that’s not some shit! This is a multiverse story, it’s just Uncle Ben from Earth three-thousand-the-fuck-ever, so I asked the question: So what?! SOOO?! It’s the same shit as Spider-Gwen, it’s just a dead character from a different dimension. The end. What’s so “internet breaking” about that? And with my displeasure in dumb comic industry hype, I asked myself what I was doing and whether or not if I was just trying to get myself to like Spider-Man… and that might be the case, so, I’m probably out on this.

Ant-Man #1

I don’t know why I read this! I just sort of decided to on a whim. I had heard a lot of good stuff like “this is the next Hawkeye” and when you say things like that, it’s hard for me not to pay attention. Read it, thought it was solid, probably won’t continue with it, though. For me to really get interested in a character I had no interest in before, an issue is really going to need to grab me with something spectacular, much like Hawkeye did, and nothing here really did that for me, so I’m not going to try and force myself to enjoy it. As a matter of fact, I think one of the problems I had in general (as I didn’t really have a problem with any of the content itself) is that it felt a little too much like Hawkeye. Down on his luck hero, has plenty of flaws, but gosh darn-it, he’s trying to make it right… yep, pretty much too similar for me. So I don’t know, I liked what I read at a very basic level, it’s just not something I’m going to follow month to month.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1

It was a weird week for me and Marvel comics. Lots of “people are talking about this book, fuck it, might as well try it” sort of thoughts, which obviously carried on to this book… I don’t really have a lot to say though. It’s funny and entertaining, but it’s one of those things where I can see the appeal, but I’m not going to be waiting in line for it. So for those of you who were really excited about this book, congratulations, you have what looks to be a fun/ridiculous book to read every month, just not for me… I will say I don’t like how her upper lip is drawn, which is probably going to be my weirdest complain of the year, so might as well get that out of the way early.

Deadly Class #10

Prior to the release of this issue, Rick Remender mentioned that a good deal of the events portrayed were based on true events from his life… Now consider this… Half the issue is about the botched raid on Fuckface and his deranged family’s compound, the other half is about Marcus waking up with a hangover and shitting himself in the middle of the comic shop he works at… Let’s skip pass the “So Rick Remender was in a botched assassination attempt on a guy who fucks animals?!” jokes, and try to process Rick Remender probably shitting his pants in the middle of a comic store in the mid 1980s. Hmm. Well now… that’s a mental image. ANYWAYS, shit stained drawers aside, another great issue from Deadly Class. It’s getting to the point where I’m starting to get worried… Things are going real poorly and this is a Rick Remender book, so the bodies might start to pile up these next two issues.

Nailbiter #9

Random observation, but you know what I like about this book? How on time it is. I don’t even think they do skip months for this book, I can’t remember one at least… Just month in, month out, a new issue each time. Having a consistent product on a timely basis is something of a rarity now, so I thought I at least should acknowledge that fact. Anyways, I’m starting to treat this book like a TV show in my mind, as each issue really does feel like an episode, because it’s the stuff under the surface that runs from issue to issue (episode to episode) while the core stuff seems to be different bits of weirdness each month, like crazy bee man last issue and crazy school bus driver this issue. It makes me wonder if we’re going to get a “season finale” type issue sooner or later where we get a reveal (at least partial) of what’s going on behind the scenes in the town… My guess is the priest is behind something, because we need a good serial killing priest, no?

ODY-C #2

As a digital reader, reading ODY-C #1 was a bit of a mess on the day it came out. Story was way out there, unorthodox narrative style for a comic and there was a shit ton of missing content from the digital release for some reason. My feelings were mixed but I promised to revisit the issue before the next in order to give it another shot. Well, I did, and I enjoyed #1 a bit more with the full content and knowing what to expect, and that feeling carried over to #2. I big thing with me was the just completely crazy narrative structure this book took. Wasn’t expecting it to go full on Homer like that… but then the gods talking as you would expect someone in a a comic to normally talk created this sort of weird feeling. But now knowing that Odyssia will be narrated like the poem, and the gods are normal comics, sort of puts everything into perspective and I can start to look past how weird this book is from a structural standpoint. Now I just see it as a trippy telling of The Odyssey… which it is, exactly, so I don’t know how much I’ve got to say on an issue-to-issue basis on a story that’s thousands of years old. I will say though that this book has one unique as hell look, which is really starting to draw me in. I’m still trying to wrap my head fully around this thing, but after giving it a second shot, I’m definitely coming around to it more and more.

Birthright #4

Hey, remember last month when I was all “I bet the guy Mikey is after is actually a good guy because Mikey is all evil and shit secretly” or at least I think I was all like that… maybe. ANYWAYS. I was probably right! Cus the old guy was all “I KNOW YOU” and Mikey was all “RAAAWR. I’m secretly eviiiiilll spooooooky” and then they were both like “we gonna fight… next month.” Damn, I’m good at explaining shit in engaging ways. But my master description skills aside, I’m still at a loss of why Mikey is selling his particular version of the lie to his family, saying he’s fighting against Lore. Could have just been like “Lore is a super cool bro, bros, don’t listen to that guy, he’s the evil one.” But whatever… still a fun book, that logical hiccup aside.

The Fade Out #4

Ah, so here we are, the end of the first act of the series and turns out this little murder-mystery is way more mystery than it seemed to let on in the beginning. This issue, we get back to Charlie, after a sort of breather from him last issue/month… I don’t know, it seems like it’s been awhile in between issues, which may be due to the passing of the coloring assistant who worked on the book, which would be totally understandable. Anyways, getting back to Charlie’s story is what I wanted, and it sure did deliver this time around. While the mystery that was going on in the background of this story was entertaining already, I (and I assume others) were waiting for the other shoe to drop, and it possibly did by the ending of this issue. Communists! Smut photographers! Cover-ups! Ronald Reagan! All the makings of a great red-scare era Hollywood mystery are here, and I can’t wait to read more.

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