Wednesday, January 14, 2015

SPOILERS: Grayson #6

As if Dick Grayson didn't have enough to worry about, on top of being a double agent within the depths of the scariest spy organization on the planet, here comes the horrors of... THE MALE GAZE.

The Spoilers:

New Spyral mission has Dick and Helena going after the Paragon brain, before the members of The Fist of Cain can get it (remember them?) But, it turns out they're too late, as the location they were sent to turns out to be just a field of death and decay. While Helena interrogates the one remaining member of Cain, Midnighter slips in, and teleports Dick away to the God Garden, the base of the organization he's working for.

So begins the latest fight between Dick and Midnighter, this time, Midnighter is prepared, having studied everything he could find on The Flying Graysons and Nightwing... Unfortunately, nothing on Robin was looked up, so Dick uses a couple of those moves to try and get the upperhand, but when he goes to use his hypno implant, seems that the God Garden took it out... and assimilated it with Midnighter? I don't know, confusing.

Back to Spyral, Minos is discussing the Paragon mission with three entities who call themselves the Spyder, seemingly those above the director himself. They believe this Paragon mission is personal and offer to erase Minos' memory of whatever tie he has to it, but he refuses, claiming that after giving up his name and face, his pain is all that he has left.

Helena comes out of interrogating Cain guy and reports back that they intend to use the Paragon brain to broadcast their hate, causing those in rage of it to murder each other, as a demonstration of there being no love or life, only murder... Totally not like the beginning of Axis at all. Now it's time to stop The Fist of Cain, but for Spyral also to find out where Agent 37 went off to.

So, with Dick seemingly defeated by Midnighter who has his hypno implant, Dick's got one card left, and that's the override phrase Helena used on him once, which he discovered. Sure enough, it works, and Dick brings Midnighter down. Soon after that, he's greeted by The Gardener, who reveals that Paragon was created to destroy her and he's going to stay in space to help save The Garden. Whaaaa?



The Opinion:

So, that certainly was weird. Loved the back and forth during the fight between Dick and Midnighter, and appreciated the well thought out way for Dick being able to defeat a guy he has no business defeating... Well, I'm still a bit confused on how Midnighter got the implant but, eeeeeh, let's move on. The Paragon stuff finally started to interest me this issue. Prior to this, I was far more invested in everything in the "B plot" with the personal stuff between Dick and Helena along with everything that came with Spyral, but the Paragon plot just got super crazy with a whole lot of things to answer, so I guess I'm on board with wanting to really find out what's going on there.  So, yep... Grayson is still a really fantastic book, no surprise there.

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