Wednesday, January 28, 2015

SPOILERS: Gotham Academy #4

It's weird because I've already done so much writing on this particular issue, it's sort of hard to go back to it and go "now I can actually say what happens." But I guess that's what I got to do.

The Spoilers:

So as I mentioned on Monday, we don't get to see what scarred Olive and company in the cliffhanger of last issue, instead, it's the next morning and due to them leaving the door open, the faculty knows someone broke into the North Hall and has taped the place off.

Olive later gets called into the Headmaster's office, where she sees Bruce Wayne speaking to one of her teachers in the other room about her for some reason. Headmaster Hammer doesn't necessarily say he knows it was her and her friends who broke into the North Hall, but nevertheless, she gets a warning to stay away from it. Of course, the warning is ignored, and Olive can't get the symbol she saw in Millie Jane's journal out of her head. 

One interaction with the mystery boy who seems to know more about Olive than she knows about him later, and Olive is showing the symbol to Maps, asking if she knows what it may mean. Maps doesn't have a clue, but they remember that kid Eric who they scared off had it in his journals. So they find him try to find out, but the kid is a spaz and freaks the hell out but says something about the symbol being in the girls dorm. 

Olive and Maps plan to go exploring that night, but are stopped when they see what appears to be the ghost haunting the school. Olive breaks her window to try and prove what she figured out last issue, and sure enough, it was a fake. Olive heads up to the roof where she found the button last issue and finds Heathcliff there, operating the fake ghost with a friend. Turns out Heathcliff doesn't believe in any of this, but Pom dedicated so much of her time trying to prove this stuff was real, he figures he'd try and make her feel better by getting people to believe. Heath also gives Olive a name on the mystery boy who she's seen, Tristan Grey. 

Heading back to her room, Olive notices the symbol she'd been looking for in a corridor. She touches the carving and turns out it's a pressure plate which opens a passage between the walls of the building. Inside she can see into rooms through he cracks, and before she can wait for Maps to come to the entrance, she notice it seems someone has been living in the walls... Then it gets weirder, as she finds pictures on the wall, one of which is over her and her mother, with Olive circled. Hearing a noise behind her, Olive turns around to find the resident of the space between the walls, Killer Croc. Looking at his Arkham uniform and chains, Olive tells him she won't tell anyone he's there, but he obviously knows something about her mother and she wants to learn what it is.


The Opinion: 

Like I said, I wrote a good deal about this issue on Monday, so it's sort of pointless to repeat what I said, yeah? But going into a little more detail now that I can actually talk about spoilers, I think Croc (while his inclusion creates some conflict with Eternal continuity working with Catwoman) is probably the perfect character to use in this situation. He's become more of a sympathetic character of late, which I've greatly enjoyed, and he usually has a soft spot for children. The possibilities of what he's doing potentially for Olive on behalf of her mother are completely up in the air, but man do I want to read next issue ASAP to find out. Then we've got Olive's mother escaping Arkham Manor, so that just adds a whole different layer to a future story down the line. 

Other than that, refer to everything I said in my post on Monday about how great this book continues to be. Yeah, that.

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