Wednesday, January 7, 2015

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #38

I was going to do a little pre-body blurb here about the issue, but instead, I just want to tell you how annoyed I am with the spelling of "Anarky" thanks to the latest version of OSX's love of autocorrect. So if an "Anarchy" slips in here, you know why.

The Spoilers:

Batman saves everyone in the Wayne Building by suppressing the explosion by using some foam in the sprinklers, meanwhile Anarky address the city, claiming to have wiped everyone's records (both good and bad) and delivering them blank masks, encouraging everyone to start anew and be who they want to be.

The next day, the corrupt councilman who was working with Falcone in the first arc is interviewed on TV where he trashes Mayor Hady, and afterwards, Bullock tries to get him to answer some questions about the guy Anarky might have killed, who was an associate of his. Also something about kids, pictures were found in the dead guy's case, they're of foster kids, the councilman is from the foster system, probably something up there, but we'll see.

As Matches Malone, Bruce seeks out a former associate of his, Lonnie or "Moneyspider" as he used to call himself. Lonnie was Anarky pre-New 52, but now it seems he's trying to keep on the straight and narrow path, even before Anarky gave a "fresh start." After that, Bruce interrogates Mad Hatter about the kids in the lake he found, but a more pressing situation arises.

Some people who took Anarky's chance at a new life decided to use it as a means to rob a bank, so of course Batman shows up. One guy gets away and Batman gives chase, followed by the GCPD. Detective Yip thinks she's got a shot down an alley at the robber and takes it despite Bullock yelling not to. Unfortunately, Lonnie is walking by, similarly dressed, and takes the bullet, with Batman arriving too late to get him to safety. Then there's a crowd of people saying that a cop killed an innocent kid and then some say Batman did it... we'll address that in a bit...


The Review:

You know... This issue is fine. I didn't have any particular issues with it until the last page, but nothing really stood out in terms of story, while the art remains spectacular as one my suspect. I did sort of have to pause and remind myself what was happening with the kids/Mad Hatter, and I don't know if that's a problem with me not paying attention or just the book needing to stay a bit more focused, so eh, that one's up in the air, not a real big deal though.

I did think the last page was stupid as all hell though, simply because of the crowd of people split on who killed the kid. You got half the people just like "The cops shot an innocent kid!" ...well, okay, yeah, but did you completely forget the guy who just came running out of the alley two seconds before firing a submachine gun? Mistakes were made. Then, the even dumber people are like "NO! Batman did it." ...With the gun he never fucking carries. No one is split on the kid getting shot, but how the fuck do you come to the conclusion that Batman did it? That last page is just plain stupid.

Regardless of dumb last page, we got 19 solid pages of a low(er) key Batman story, with splendid art. So there's always that.

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