Wednesday, January 28, 2015

SPOILERS: Catwoman #38

Mob politics clearly are not something I'm cut out for, and it's starting to look like the same could be said for Catwoman.

The Spoilers:

The cracks in Selina's facade are starting to show, as things are tense in the Calabrese family following the offing of her cousin Nick. Black Mask calls Selina in to meet, but it's really an attempt on her life, which she knew and was prepared for, allowing her to walk right out the door she came in through.

The time comes for the big heroine/guns deal she had been working on with the Yakuza, but seems Selina's got other plans, and ends up calling in a tip to get the deal raided by the police, which came as a surprise to even Batman who had shown up to try and stop her (I think?) Other Catwoman is even there, having been told to stay away from the deal by Selina (so she didn't get busted) then told to get the Yakuza away from the scene, in an attempt to keep things in control.

In the chaos that comes from the bust, Selina's cousin Antonia is arrested, and Black Mask starts to petition the families to start to go against Selina. One of the "families" being woo'd by Black Mask is the Penguin, who decides to first start his return by "eliminating the unnecessary party."

The day following the bust, Selina's been in a mix of wandering around aimlessly and keeping an eye on the other families. Her night ends in her walking into traffic (intent ambiguous) but is pulled out by that Mason guy Black Mask is working with. He says he did so because "what are brothers for?" because there hasn't been enough new family members apparently.


The Opinion:

My feelings from last month have continued into this issue and I'm just starting to get lost as to what Selina is trying to accomplish here... basically, what's the point? I get she was working everyone to take out the guns and heroine, but now what? The whole point of her being in this position of power is to have said power and be able to control the underworld to make it not so typically shitty, but she's just undermined herself to the point where she has almost zero power left by the end of this issue, or at least that's what it looks like to me. These past two issues have also come with such a heavy sense of "woe is me" and it's just a bummer, and not in an empathetic way, but just a bummer in a "this isn't very entertaining" sort of way. Like, I get it, the character is going through some shit, had to have her cousin killed to maintain power (that she throws away a day later), okay fine... But from my point of view as a reader, I'm being asked to identify with Selina as she deals with having to off her cousin she never knew she had and was quite honestly a total redshirt of a character with maybe ten pages of screen time in the two issues where he was alive and well... Sorry, that's just a little too New "Care about all this new stuff like it matters" 52 for me. And just getting back to the general tone, it has become completely contradictory to where this status quo for the character came from in Batman Eternal. If you read this week's issue of Eternal, Selina is fucking in charge and she knows it... then you go to Catwoman and she's all "Maybe I'm going to ambiguously attempt to kill myself, maybe." It's just a "oh, come on" moment for me. I want to read large and in charge Selina and that is definitely not what we're getting here.

also... still don't care about Fakey McFauxCatwoman 2... just have to put that out there.

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