Wednesday, January 14, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #41

We're getting towards the end of the series, so who's ready for some answers? ...Well, that's going to have to wait while new characters and concepts are still being introduced. Hooray?

The Spoilers:

So, that nano virus thing which has been AWOL for oh, let's say 25 issues, is back, and the duo of Tim and Harper have tracked all the kids down to some warehouse where they're building something. Time to call in the reinforcements!

Elsewhere, hey look, it's Stephanie. Haven't seen her in like ten issues or so? Well, another two-bit bounty hunter is after her, but he takes her off guard by telling her he was paid to protect her, which gives him enough of an opening to knock her out.

So with Batman preoccupied, Tim calls in Jason and Babs to help with the factory, but encourages Harper to stay behind. So they go in and oh look, Mad Hatter is controlling off of them with he nano virus and making a big broadcaster to... I don't know, spread it? Sure. Whatever. Long story short, the virus is in the air, infects all three of the heroes, Harper decides to suit up as Bluebird.


The Opinion:

Picture this: You're doing a connect the dots puzzle, it's big, but hey, all you have to do is is follow the line from number to number. As you're doing so, someone comes along and just starts adding more dots. "What are you doing?!" you ask. They don't answer, they just keep adding more dots and dots. As if that wasn't bad enough, they number some of the dots to be duplicates of previous dots. "Well, that flat out just doesn't make any sense." Doesn't matter. That new dot over there? It's numbered 7Q. Seventy-Q. Fucking figure that one out, jackass. 

And that's Batman Eternal at the moment.

Seriously though, we're far past the point of new characters needing to be introduced into the story. We need to start getting answers, and with an ever dwindling amount of issues left, with no answers to be found, the book has truly become frustrating to no end. We should be learning the why's to this nano virus plot, not having it come back after months of dormancy only to go add more questions to to it. It seems to me that at one point, the plot of this story was really clear and concise... but perhaps it didn't fill up 52 issues, so they kept adding, and adding, and adding, and here we are.

Joe Quinones' art was really nice though. So there's that, at least.

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