Wednesday, January 7, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #40

You're really trying to test me right now, aren't you Batman Eternal?

The Spoilers:

Batman drags Riddler back to Gotham, kicking and screaming.

All the villains are psyched about having Batman's weapons, except Catwoman, so they try and kill her (and fail). 

Vicki stops the assassin, gets Warren to a hospital.

Catwoman tries to figure out who knows what's actually going on, finds out about the hit on Stephanie Brown, puts two and two together, figures out Steph is the person she needs to find.

Jim Corrigan emerges from the wreckage of Arkham with Maxie Zeus, goes "Well wasn't that some shit." 

The kids in the narrows are all "NANOVIRUUUUS."


The Review:

God fucking damnit. 

Last week I thought "This book only has three months left, we got some veiled answers this issue, maybe things will pick right back up... Then we get 19 pages of time wasting this week and I'm back to wanting to tear out my hair. One page, one page, of this issue was worth a damn, and that was just the one that set up why Selina has Stephanie in Batman #28. The rest of the pages had absolutely nothing meaningful happen. No more hints from Riddler, Vicki just doesn't die, and they show Corrigan simply because I assume they thought "uh, maybe we should address that, I don't know." Literally 95% of this issue was meaningless padding. 

Immediately after finishing this issue, I went to twitter to express my disappointment and basically said that this is what you get when you address the stupid day-to-day shit like "When does everybody have time to go to the bathroom" in stories that have no noticeable time gaps. Batman Eternal is that close to just dedicating four or five pages to Batman having to unclog his toilet, simply because they need to fill up some pages. 

Seriously. Batman Eternal year two, feel free to be bi-weekly, anything to make it so a majority of what comes after some fairly strong first stories is nothing but "OH CRAP WE'VE GOT A YEAR OF ISSUES TO FILL, WHAT DO WE DOOOOOO!?" nonsense. I'm getting so tired of this book every week, and at this point, I'm just reading it because I'm in too deep already.


  1. I 100% agree. I am angry at myself for ever starting this book. I am in too deep now to drop it. Having endgame set after it doesn't help either as it is a giant middle finger telling you that nothing in all 52 weeks of issues will matter

  2. Couldn't agree more, it's also like the opposite of dramatic irony where every character seems to know who is bound all of this except us the readers and a worn out Batman...could not believe how frustrating this has become

  3. Second I have commented in earlier posts that the bat writers are now just writing issues to fill the gaps . Even with Doyle confirming that he was staying and year2 of eternal will learn from there mistakes from year 1 , unless they realise they can't wrote a year long story without losing the plot and interest because it here is now 12 issues left and were suppose to get threw so many plot threads still loose from now to April fools . Bat writers , love your work but if I wanted filler I would have picked a random Japanese anime or manga

  4. I also agree, unfortunately. It's strange when a book simultaneously feels like it's dragging on too long and not really fleshing out what it's introduced adequately, but that's what Batman Eternal is doing. I think year two would be better off as an anthology of stories from throughout Gotham rather than another incredibly convoluted plot against Batman, but I know they won't do that.

  5. Like many here, I'm an "in too deep" completist who NEVER drops series. Well, I made a very special exception for Batman Eternal, because frankly, $12 a month for NOTHING happening was just too much to stomach. I couldn't do it anymore. After reading FHIZ's reviews of the last several issues, I feel so good about the decision and liberated. And I'm not crowing here! I wanted Eternal to be good and turn it around! I may even try Year 2 if they can get it together, especially if it goes bi-weekly.

    Anyway, VERY disappointing. Sorry Bat-writers. You're better than this. Get it together for Year 2, please!

    (My theory is that DC is totally riding out their titles until the April move to L.A. and the two-month Convergence hiatus. So similar to the two or three months of bad books leading up to the New 52 in 2011. The comic book equivalent of "senioritis.")

    1. Hey NAIRU. Is DC gonna be doing some sort of another reboot again this year? Ive heard rumors. What say you?