Wednesday, January 21, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin #38

Damian is back, and he's got powers... it goes just about how you'd expect it'd go.

The Spoilers:

With Damian's new found abilities, he uses them as any overly-arrogant assassin-trained sidekick would, by walking into a hail of gunfire, laughing off the bullets. Because of his recklessness, Bruce grounds Damian from patrolling for the rest of the week.

So without any crimefighting to do, Damian has time to sit and think. Turns out, he's not all that okay, and is still dealing with some heavy nightmares about the other side of his family, so he flies off to be alone. One of Damian's first trips is to the base where he was born, and he starts destroying it as soon as he lands. Bruce and Alfred are tracking him, but Alfred suggests Bruce give Damian space, despite wanting to be there for his son. 

Damian's next stop is to Atlantis, where he meets with Aquaman having learned of his "brothers" in the failed heretic clones. Damian tells Aquaman that they're to be released under his supervision, and once they're handed over to him, he drops them off on a remote island, essentially telling them it is their home now, before flying off.


The Opinion:

With only three months to go until the normal DCU is put on halt for Convergence, I wasn't expecting a whole lot of plot to follow in these couple of issues, and turns out I might be right. There's just not that much core story here, but instead the issue is comprised almost entirely of character moments with Damian dealing with both his resurrection and new found abilities (more heavily leaning towards the being alive aspect between the two). This issue was demonstrating that Damian is a character with much more going on under the hood, something that's probably a good thing to remind readers of right off that bat now that he's returned to the living. It'll be interesting to see what these next two issues do, because if it's still "I'm alive, emotions!" then it could get repetitive.

As for Damian having powers? I think it's weird in both kind of good and bad ways. It's never something I've been 100% on board with since we learned about it. It could be really entertaining, it could be flat out stupid after awhile. Just strikes me as a decision that was made without much planning, but we'll see. If I had my way, I would cut the powers at invulnerability, because there's something about the visual of Damian flying around like Superman which just looks incredibly off to me.


  1. It will be very curious to see what they do with the last to issues and the annual before April. Hope it's not just Damian is a poor mans super boy who has nightmare fuel sleeps for the rest of the remaining issues. Hopefully they address the "father why does Grayson have a headstone" plotpoint we want to see addressed

  2. Yeah, I'm not a fan of Damian coming back in general, but if he had to come back with superpowers it should've been like 666 Damian where he's unkillable. That would've been a cool way to factor another aspect of the character into the Tomasi stuff, rather than him having the generic flying brick powers.

  3. I thought this was a great primer to what Super Damian will bring will also being grounded in Classic Damian's sensibilities.