Wednesday, January 14, 2015

SPOILERS: Batgirl #38

Turns out doing it "for the vine" might not be the best way to go about being a super hero vigilante in Gotham.

The Spoilers: 

Batgirl is blowing up on Burnside social media, and the change in Barbara's attitude and recklessness of just throwing herself out there causes some tension between her and Dinah, eventually blowing up in a big fight. Babs' stress follows her to the next night on a date with that Cop Liam she met last issue. Other than that, the date is going well, but Liam seems to know a couple things about Babs she doesn't remember telling him about... no bother, hey look, some reality TV star who is a total douche and uses money to live above the law! Jordan Barberi is his name, and he's a habitual drunk street racer and general cause of danger on the streets. The living above the law conversation transitions to Batgirl, where Babs learns Liam is one of those cops who resents masks for undermining all his and other police officers' work. YEP. Going that route.

The next day, Babs learns Dinah moved out (and is also in a band now?), her professor wants to see her thesis soon (still destroyed) and just general other suckiness. So in an effort to blow off some steam (I guess?) she decides to enlist Qadir and take down Barberi who is at a bar, has a new car, and nothing good will come from it, obviously.

Long story short, Barberi decides to be a drunk idiot and gets Babs to chase him, which ends up in no one getting hurt, aside from a longstanding diner in Burnside. Liam ends up on the scene and attempts to arrest Batgirl, but she does the whole smoke bomb trick and makes her escape, only to have an awkward conversation with Liam about the whole situation next morning, along with a slew of tweets questioning if Batgirl really is a source of good for Burnside. Allllllso, when Liam is away from the table, his phone rings... apparently Babs is calling... but she's right there... Did I mention Liam said something about her telling him about her brother? Well, Babs picks up the phone and on the other end is Babs, or something pretending to be her, wanting to tell Liam allllll her secrets.


The Opinion:

(Note: Hey look, I'm calling this section "Opinion" now, rather than review. Since everything is so informal anyways, continuing to call this section "Review" felt weird.)

Another solid issue from the Batgirl of Burnside. Was a bit disappointed that we didn't get a new villain (actual villain, not drunk douchebag) this time around, but oh well, that tease though. Pretty interested in who could be Babs' stalker, or whatever we should refer to her as. I seem to remember the writing team at some point saying the answer may come from earlier in the book? I thought it could be the new Ventriloquist, because she could manipulate her voice, right? But she's in the new Secret Six, which is also edited by the Bat office, so I'd like to think things are a bit better organized than that. Knightfall? ...oh god, please no more Knightfall.

ANYWAYS. One thing that I wasn't a fan of at first, but came around to being pretty okay with was the whole "Grr. I'm a cop, I don't like these vigilantes" characterization with Liam, because it's been done so many times. Hell, Detective Comics is even doing it currently with Bullock, which is equally groan-worthy (along with very questionable in terms of continuity). Then you had Arrow do it for a season+, The Flash is doing it... every new Batman iteration does it, I just find it to be a tired trope. But where I started to come around with it in this issue was the final scene where Liam actually gives some reasoning outside of "I'm a cop, I'm by the books, you vigilantes, you!" ::shakes fist:: He goes on to explain some stuff about the diner that got wrecked in the accident, and how it was a Burnside institution, but the building was rent controlled, and now they can't afford to reopen in the neighborhood. That type of detail really adds much needed character to an old trope, so if we're going to do the whole cop who doesn't like masks thing, at least the writing team has demonstrated they can add a bit of substance to it.


  1. I may not have been the biggest fan of this new run but this issue was done really well and I am along for the ride

  2. It's her thesis. Especially since this issue says that it was based on her brain patterns. Thesis + virus = sentient Babs program. Maybe the new Oracle? Who knows.

    1. Ooooooooh. That makes a ton of sense. Now the question is who stole it?

    2. Either someone is behind it, or it's some kind of self created, "technology gaining self awareness" situation.

  3. This was the best issue of the new direction, which is saying something, and I'm thinking Jordan Barberi will fulfill the "villain created by hero" role.