Wednesday, January 28, 2015

SPOILERS: Arkham Manor #4

In this issue... Jack Shaw DIES!

The Spoilers:

So after one "Eric Border" leaves the Asylum in the hands of a Jokerized Clayface, all hell starts to break loose, and it's up to Jack Shaw aka Batman to set things right, before attempting to find the killer hiding in the walls of the manor.

Knowing that one sure fired way to stop Clayface is by freezing him, Bruce attempts to make his way to Mr. Freeze's holding cell, first rescuing Sybil Silverlock from a grizzly death at the hands of Clayface... Good thing for Gotham Academy fans, Sybil manages to escape from the Asylum, but Bruce has too much on his hands to worry about. 

In Freeze's cell, Bruce convinces him to help by basically telling him he broke the lock to his door, he's no longer safe, so he might as well just play along. Touché. Bruce leads Clayface back into the kitchen, freeze does his stuff, and there you go. No more time for Jack Shaw though.

Bruce heads out of the manor and towards a secret cave entrance, where inside he finds a turkey meal waiting for him, cooked by Alfred. Obviously there's no time for food, as he needs to suit up, but Alfred knows this, having cooked the meal simply to taunt Hush who he feeds those crummy meals soldiers usually have to eat in the field.

Back in the Manor as Batman, Bruce finds Dr. Arkham, and informs him about that other problem he's got, pointing out that the killer's next victim was intended to be the Doctor himself. Knowing the killer is probably watching, Bruce calls him out and is beckoned into the ceiling where the killer lays in wait.


The Opinion:

Another solid issue in general, but some of the lingering questions are starting to bug me. There's been no real development on whoever this killer is himself, and I'm worried that while a reveal may make whoever it is interesting, it may come in one big info dump at the end, which would be somewhat of a letdown. That said, there were plenty of cool little character moments throughout the book, between Alfred trolling Hush, Freeze enjoying the snow outside, and Sybil escaping, which would probably mean a lot for Gotham Academy in the coming months. So, solid issue, I just hope some answers start to come to light in the penultimate chapter next month, rather than everything being dumped on us in issue #6.

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  1. Can I point out this was the best usage of mr freeze in new52...he was the only batman villain alongside scarecrow whom I felt were portrayed poorly in the new52 comics