Saturday, December 27, 2014

Stack Rundown, 12/27/2014

Last Stack Rundown of the year, because absolutely dick is coming out next week. I'm catching up on a few things in the absence of anything new, so maybe I'll have something to write up next Saturday or not. Who knows?!

Deathstroke #3

As I’ve said before, I’ve been sort of easy going with this book, just like “Eeeeh, I don’t really care, it looks nice and it’s entertaining” so I just sort of kept reading thinking I’d give it until the Harley Quinn cameos… Then Harley’s first page came on the final page of this issue, and I went “NOPE.” Take a character I actually care about and just take a few speech balloons to screw it all up, and I’m out. Talk about having absolutely no voice or personality at all. Harley’s one page of dialogue was just generic, you could literally put it next to anyone and it would make sense not he basis that there’s no defining quality to it, so technically it’d be okay with anyone saying it. So, yeah… never mind, moving on. (Also, the structure of this story is real loose and just… not great, but whatever, bad Harley).

Secret Avengers #11

I guess this is probably going to be the last arc, where shit goes down… alliances are forged… and interdimensional space monsters show up with a whole bunch of tentacles, because you know… always be tentacle…ing. This was another one of those first issue of the arc issues where everything is neatly put in a line just in time for it all to go to crap. No more questions, we know who really is the bad guy, the good guys are disorganized, but ultimately back on the same side, all that sort of stuff. I’ve really enjoyed this book, so I hope it closes out pretty strongly. 

Avengers & X-Men: Axis #9

So, this is over. I’ll admit, I did enjoy this a bit more towards the end compared to a majority of the issues, but this was still a pretty middle of the line book. Not great, not bad, just sort of… there. Could have been more, but was entertaining at times. By this wraps up, everyone goes back to normal minus Havok, Ironman and Sabertooth, and then… Well, I don’t know. The thing I was worried about was “boy I hope this has a bigger effect than just setting up the new Uncanny Avengers and Iron Man books” and well… that’s pretty much all that happened. I’d just like to think reading an event book would mean something bigger, and sure, a lot of the leftovers here (probably involving Doom and Red Skull) will be handled in Uncanny Avengers vol. 2, but then why not just make this an  Uncanny Avengers arc like originally planned? Bleh. Disappointed, sorta, not entirely… but still kinda.

Deadpool #39

AXIS! It was one of those issues were Wade gets all serious and he’s legitimately depressed, because he helps everyone to become happy, but he’s not happy himself and probably never will. So that’s that. Just a settling dust sort of issue. I got nothing else really to say other than it was fine. I guess there’s that Deadpool “Dead” story arc coming, which they teased… months ago, then I’m sure most people promptly forgot about. Got to wonder what the point of doing that so early was, because I’m pretty sure Bleeding Cool is the only site that remembers it. Oh well, we’ll see what comes from that, I guess.

Black Science #11

Let’s just take a moment to understand how gloriously fucked up this arc finale left everything. So you got the main group trying to get the hell out of dodge… Grant comes back with a new pillar, but loses it to some crazy religious bugs, whatever, fine, they’ve got the original pillar back in the cave. Then alternate Grant and his wife come back, but alternate Grant gets killed by the woman who regular Grant has an affair with, which probably happens all across the universe (of course, ti was an accident). Still with me? Possessed lady in the group takes alt Grant’s pillar and dips, then regular Grant comes back and everyone gets zapped away, including alternate Grant’s wife Sara, who just had her version of Grant impaled… How fucking crazy is that drama? And that’s why I love this book.

C.O.W.L. #7

After a one and done type issue, we’re back to the meat of whole labor union conspiracy deal. It was another solid issue, just sort of paced out for the new arc. You can see the cracks forming in what will ultimately be whatever blows up and screws up the conspiracy, characters are starting to form alliances with each other, and so on. What I did really like about this issue was the real quick reveal that the guy who got killed for being a “scab” (or threatening to expose the conspiracy) was a member of the super villain group. What was great about that reveal is like i said, it was quick, but then the issue immediately ends, so it’s a “Wait, what the fuck?!” type of moment.

Revival #26

At this point, I’m 26 issues into a series which seems like it could just keep going if the creative team wanted it to, so on my end, what am I supposed to say? “This was a pretty good issue too!” I mean, yeah, it was… everything keeps building upon what came previously in interesting ways, and so on. It’s one of those books where everything is so deep in, nothing I’m going to say is even going to make remote sense to anyone not reading it. Not like anything crazy and new happened like fucking Batman swooping in like “I figured it all out, because Batman!” Revival is still Revival and it’s good. There.

Outcast #6

Demons! I guess that final scene was supposed to be answering some stuff that happened with Kyle’s mom? But I forget what that was even supposed to entail other than “she was possessed.” The problem I’m having here is this book laid it on thick with the characters early on, as if it was going to be a TV pilot… *cough* *cough* but for the last three or four issues, concluding this arc, you’d be surprised to even remember that there were any other characters than Kyle and the priest. When this book comes back in March, I’m going to have to make a decision whether or not to keep reading, because right now it just seems pretty generic demons, with no real hook other than “Uh… demons!"

Rasputin #3

This book is fucking weird, and I don’t really have any idea what to make of it at times. So this issue… Rasputin meets some Russian folklore spirits or something… and they reveal how he comes to have powers and what they mean… or something… and… and… WEIRD. Granted, I’m sure it would have a different structure, but if this is supposed to be a movie at some point, then god damn is it going to be an odd movie. That said, the book looks fucking gorgeous and has kept me curious to say the least. While I’m confused as all hell at some points, it’s kind of an endearing confusion that makes me want to see more, not a “this is bullshit” confusion. I don’t know… weird shit is weird, and I kinda like it?

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  1. Harley's cameo in Deathstroke was so random and, like you said, generic just like everything else in the issue.
    Wouldn't this be the last Rundown this year whether you had something new to read or not? Since this is the last Saturday of he year.