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Stack Rundown, 12/13/2014

In writing this post title, I laughed at 12, 13, 14! Oh, the joys that our European friends and their whole "list the day first" thing, will never be able to enjoy... Oh yeah, I'm apparently reading Spider-Man now, I dunno.

Avengers & X-Men: Axis #7

Axis gonna Axis I guess. The bad guys are good, the good guys are bad, and the X-Men are trying to wipe out humanity, because you know, everything is reversed, and humanity usually… you get it! My lackluster enthusiasm towards this story is well noted, and it’s just gotten to the point where I think it’s dumb. Not dumb in a “I think this story is stupid” sense, but dumb in a “I know Rick Remender is better than this, and this just seems like an easily digestible event for the masses.” Look at Uncanny X-Force and all the crazy shit Remender did there… then we get to Axis and it’s just “Opposite day” the event mini-series. Hopefully the new Uncanny Avengers gets back to the good stuff. Specifics about this issue? The whole Wanda reveal that Magneto isn’t the father to her and her brother, yeah… God damn it. I highly doubt Remender came into this story going “And I’m going to have this plot point that’s suspiciously close to the same characters’ movie status quo that had to be changed due to legal reasons!” It’s shit like that where it’s so blatantly clear that the movies are dictating the books, that really bugs me. What then bugs me more is then reading interviews with the higher ups trying to play coy like it’s something more than “make it like the movies!” Ultimately, I don’t really care about the paternity test, the reasoning behind it is just what gets me.

Amazing Spider-Man #11

So hey, I’ve been reading this now. Been slowly catching up and finally got caught up to the present. So… SPIDER MAN! Why am I reading this? Well, I’ve been dropping X-Books lately and I guess I just wanted something new in terms of me and Marvel, so throw a big weird multiverse crossover and Olivier Coipel’s name at me, and yeah, I’ll pay attention. So far, I’m enjoying this book… but that’s all I got to say. I’m still super new to Spider-Man in general, and while I think the series has generally been pretty fun, it hasn’t really grabbed me with a big moment that makes me a dedicated reader. The Spider-Verse story itself has been pretty cool in my opinion, but I do just love these sorts of crazy stories with multiple versions of the same guy. I will say that this crossover’s main issues doing quick sales pitches for other tie-ins are super annoying. “HEY, random cutaway we’re setting up, follow in so and so #2… couple more pages of regular story… BY THE WAY THERE’S THIS TIE-IN TOO!” Just a waste of pages, honestly. 

Thor #3

Not quite sure how long they can keep up the “we’re not going to tell you who the character you’re paying money to read is” thing. Each issue does just enough to go “We’ll tell you… eventually” and keep my annoyance at bay, but still man… at this point, what IS the point? A reveal in any one of these issues is going to be no different than some issue months away… only the issue months away will be just that, and give that many more opportunities for readers annoyed with no answers to just jump ship. I don’t know, I just hope they know what they’re doing with this book, because it’s been fun so far, with some damn good art, but I’d really like to know who the character I’m being asked to become invested in actually is.

X-Force #13

Smart book is smart. For a good while, Si Spurrier has been flirting with the concept of this team just being a bunch of broken fuck-ups, trying to play hero, but are ultimately very morally grey people, teetering on the “just plain bad” side of things. This issue really hammers that thought home with it consisting mostly of Forgetmenot having a conversation with Hope about the team, the make up of it, everyone’s emotional state, and the ethics (or lack thereof) they find themselves with. The team is totally fucked up, that’s for sure, but this issue is one of those thinkers, offering commentary on the whole idea of morally grey, grim super heroes. Reminded me a lot of Six-Gun Gorilla, Spurrier’s Boom series, in that… well, it got me thinking about STUFF. Gonna miss this book… unfortunately, this one fell into the “well, this one is cancelled, so let’s patch together things” in the art department. Can’t stand books that just look like they got someone to draw a few pages here, someone else to draw some there. This book in particular deserves better.

Sex Criminals #9

So, if you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw my comic to porn spoof title tweets throughout the day. Deadly Ass… Horny Bytches… God Hates Ass-tronauts, and that’s because in this issue of the lovely Sex Criminals, we get introduced to Jon’s favorite porn star, Jazmine St. Cocaine, who stars in the porno “The Lick-ed and Divine,” so, there you go. Funny stuff… and I honestly want more, haha. Anyways, early on in this series, I asked “how are they going to keep this going” and with a mix of real deep personal shit dealing with anxiety and depression, and more ridiculous shit like there being A LOT of people who freeze time when they climax, I think I got my answer. This book just continues to be ridiculous and full of heart, and I love it. THAT SAID… I’m confused. There’s a whole bunch of nudity in this book, more boobs than I can count, and some boners to boot, but there was one specific panel where a caption box acted as a censor bar, and it threw me for a loop. Maybe there’s a specific line that NO ONE will cross… and two more boobs would have ended it all… #DeepThoughts

Bitch Planet #1

So, this is the book everyone’s been raving about this week. Well, not everyone… but a lot. I kept seeing other writers on Twitter just like “guys, we need to step the fuck up, because Bitch Planet” shit like that, and well… I don’t get it. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the book, found it quite clever and entertaining with a good set up that has me interested in more… but I swear to god, some people seemed to act as if this was the second coming of christ. It’s fine, I guess? Maybe it’s just the white dude in me talking, but I didn’t see anything super phenomenal about this issue, past the general level of quality I noted above. If you’ve got no idea what this book is, I guess I should probably say something about it… It’s a riff on campy sexploitation women in prison movies from the 70s, written by Kelly Sue DeConnick. The premise definitely stands out, and with a name like “Bitch Planet,” it’s one of those books that practically forces you to notice it. It was a fun read, like I said, more straight forward than Pretty Deadly (in case you were wondering) and has definitely got some potential, but I’d keep expectations in check… or perhaps not, perhaps you’re a huge Kelly Sue fan like I am Morrison and this WAS the second coming of some sort, but if that’s the case, I doubt you need my input on it.

Southern Bastards #6

HEY! More origins for Coach Boss, the deep south mafia, sortaish, guy who wanted to play football, but because this is a fucked up book starring fucked up people, turns out this fucked up dude’s childhood was pretty fucked up, fucked up. Imagine that. I’m enjoying this trip down memory dirt road, but I’ve got to say I would probably like the breaks between flashbacks to progress the main story a bit more, but that may just be me. As always, this book continues to sell me alone (albeit, I like much more than the following) on it’s use of atmosphere. Even stuff like all the football talk sucks me in. I know just enough about the game to know that the hurry up offense is probably something an old school down south football coach ffffffuuuuuuuckin hates, just like an old school baseball fan probably hates the DH rule… SPORTS, I watch ‘em… Diversify your hobbies. But anyways, that sort of stuff just gives this book a feel of authenticity, which just seems to come very naturally, while others try really hard to establish their world. Love this book, still so very good.

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