Wednesday, December 24, 2014

SPOILERS: Robin Rises Alpha #1

Remember when last week's issue of Batman and Robin was super obvious with what was going to happen? Well... yeah, that, again... only two more dollars this time!

The Spoilers:

So, after a recap of the final five or so pages of Batman and Robin #37, we pick up on new content, and Cyborg can't close the boom tube due to his body malfunctioning, so Kalibak comes through and starts a whole bunch of shit with everyone. As we know, Damian now has powers, so he can go one-on-one with Darkseid's son and hold his own, long enough for Batman to hit him with a jet, sending him back through the boom tube, just as Cyborg regains control of himself. Damian's got powers, everyone is happy he's back. Whoopee.

Also, Talia is alive, violent, naked, and has no memories of who she is, so, that'll be a story sometime after Convergence, for sure.


The Review:

I'm torn on this issue. Every now and then, Tomasi delivers an issue that's entertaining, but kind of lacking in content. While I'm hyped on Damian being back alive, the only worthwhile thing in this issue aside from the emotional beats between characters, was the one page that goes "Oh yeah, Talia is alive and has no memories." Because the rest of the issue was recap from last week, and a long fight between the Bats and Kalibak, which didn't result in anything. I mean, I literally tweeted out what could be thought of as  a full summary of a majority of this issue earlier. "Damian has powers and beats Kalibak. The end." And that's pretty much it... which is alright, I guess... until you factor in that it took a bunch of extra pages and two extra dollars to tell a story that can be summed up in less than a single tweet. While I'm happy with the outcome of this issue, the value and necessity of this issue definitely come into question.

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  1. I thought this was a great end to the storyline, and was the best fight this year.