Wednesday, December 10, 2014

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn Holiday Special #1

I'm pretty disappointed... given how this book has been going, I was expecting Santa to come to some sort of great bodily harm, but alas, no Santas were hurt in the production of this comic book.

The Spoilers:

So, we got three stories. The first story deals with Harley having to give away the multitude of cat and dog litters she's got in her apartment, because all her pets like to get freaky. Harley and Big Tony give away the animals by helping mall shoppers carry their bags to their cars, judge whether or not they're okay, and drop a kitten or puppy in their bag without them looking. The last puppy Harley gives up happens to be the one she really doesn't want to see leave, so that night she sneaks into the house where the pup ended up at, and finds out he's a gift for a little girl, who seems to have a bone to pick with Christmas. Fast forward, some shenanigans happen, as Harley and the girl get to be friends, Harley finds out that the girl acts out because there was an accident a few Christmas' ago, which lead to her mother dying, and the girl blames her dad/santa/whatever. Harley does her shrink thing, threatens to kill the whole family with an axe, and then they all live happily ever after... What? Okay, well, maybe I left some context out there, but hey, you got to read the book for that!

STORY TWO: A humbug digs himself into Harley's ear and starts a'hummin', making her go nuts... So, and a kind of... well, creepy panel, a mall Santa helps Harley get it out of her ear, and then they go eat at a Jewish deli, I don't know!

STORY THREEEEEE: Harley's got a grey hair, so naturally, she wants to stop time from moving forward so she stays young forever. Tony mentions something about Father Time blah blah blah, so being the nutcase she is, Harley decides to harass an old man at her job named Tyme, and ends up learning a lesson or two about getting older and enjoying the time you've got. Happy new year!


The Review:

Honestly, I found this one to be a bit of a mixed bag. The first story, the lengthier one, had a good deal of your usual Harley madness, and mixed pretty well with standard Holiday special sort of warm fuzzy feelings. The second story didn't do much for me, and neither did the third, but that last one was illustrated by Darwyn Cooke, so you can't go wrong there (the final panel of the book is hilarious, just saying). Ultimately, the issue had it's enjoyable moments, but it was far from the best this series has had to offer.

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