Wednesday, December 24, 2014

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn #13

All good things must come to an end, but Harley makes sure to get the best of what she can from her Power Girl team up... and then tries to get some more...

The Spoilers:

Team Harley/Power Girl finally gets their hands on team not-in-continuity Clock King/Sportsmaster, and, it doesn't end all that well, considering the mall gets blown up, but Harley is at least thankful that  Power Girl's memories haven't returned, and continues to play with fire by getting PG to co-star in one of Big Tony's burlesque shows which... ends in a suggestive manner. But no time for innuendo, Clock King and Sportscaster are spotted in the city, so they go to deal with them again, and it just ends with Harley un-heroically shooting them in the leg and hand... but hey, it gets the job done.

With the bad guys stopped, and PG still missing her memory, the terrible-duo reflect on the day while watching the sun rise. Fearing she'll never regain her memories, PG asks Harley to tell her where she came from... all of which Harley makes up. Good news though! A seagull takes a dump on PG's head, and that was the knock that caused all her memories to come back. After pleading with PG not to be thrown into space, Harley points out all the good they did... then makes the mistake of suggesting they really get to know each other, and gets left on the top of the Effie tower.

The Review:

Harley Quinn going to Harley Quinn, that's for sure. While this issue concludes the first actual story that takes more than one issue to tell, it still did what this book does best and provided plenty of gags mixed with a heaping dose of sexual innuendo with an increasingly ambiguous by the issue Harley. But once again, the one thing that's been distracting me about this series lately showed up again. New issue, same artist/colorist, slightly different line work/color style. I'll say it again, I feel like the early issues of this series nailed the visual look, and all the changes since have just caused this series to have a lack of visual consistency from issue-to-issue. It's not a problem being that the content is what matters above all else, but I really just wish the book could go back to looking the way it did in the early issues.

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