Wednesday, December 24, 2014

SPOILERS: Grayson Annual #1

Originally, we were supposed to get Helena Bertinelli's origin story, but things change, DC gave the writing team more room to tell their story apparently, so we got something different this time around.

The Spoilers:

So there's this guy in Ireland by the name of Rock, he used to be a bomb maker... Started in Ireland, move to the Middle East, made his way to Gotham working for Pyg (former Spyral agent) but got blown up. Rumor was he's dead, but now he's back, claiming only to have been injured by one of Pyg's masks acting as shrapnel, and he's got some merchandise he'd like to sell to the Irish mob leader, St. Francis... and that would be Helena Bertinelli.  

Rock claims to St. Francis' associates that he came across Bertinelli and her body guard during an arms deal, where everyone thought they were the assassins Cheshire and Headhunter, but he saw them for who they really were, and believed it was because the accident with Pyg made it so the hypnos didn't have an effect on him. So, with neither of them expecting anything, he shot Dick and tied up Helena, now he's trying to sell her (the daughter of a Sicilian mob boss) to Francis. Francis' associates are skeptical, and one of them calls her contact in Gotham to confirm Rock's story, after all, everyone thought he was dead. Turns out one Mr. Malone confirmed Rock's story, so they've got a deal.

Rock gets to meet with St. Francis, who likes the whole Irish/Green thing so much, he bought some new skin... and well, turns out that's "Green Lantern" skin, Rock is really Dick, so he and Helena take down another Paragon target.



The Review:

For one, I'm disappointed that the content of this issue changed. It's well noted that Helena Bertinelli was one of my favorite pre-New 52 characters, I've enjoyed her new Spyral spin, and was really looking forward to getting her origin... but nope. That sucks. But that's not a comment on the issue's actual quality. Tom King scripted this issue, and as I've come to find, there's a great deal of cleverness that goes into his stories. Once everything is out in the open, you can start to connect the dots in a "Oh, youuuuuu" finger waving manner. The stuff with Matches Malone covering for Dick? That's clever, and a great use of continuity. The one thing that didn't do much for me this issue was the story about the Irish and Scottish giant "Rock" was telling. I'm sure it was some framing device that thad symbolic meaning, but it just went over my head. That said, over all, it was another clever issue of Grayson, but I'd reeeeeeally like a Helena prominent story soon, thanks.

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