Wednesday, December 3, 2014

SPOILERS: Grayson #5

Hey, remember "Robin Dies at Dawn?" Well, Dick sure does... sorta... but Tom King definitely does!

The Spoilers:

So, we open with a cold opening to freeze all other openings, where at some point in time, a Spyral mission is so FUBAR that Dick and Helena were trying to extract a woman, Midnighter followed them, but also tipped off ARGUS, and at some point during the ARGUS attack, Dick allowed Midnighter to escape with them because he said he's be able to help deliver the woman's baby, but an EMP went off, and now the helicopter Helena is piloting is going down, and yeah, FUBAR.

The mother of the child is lost in the crash, but the newborn is saved. Closest town is 200 miles away, and the trio are in the middle of a Middle Eastern desert, so as Dick says: "We walk."

The trio spend days walking through the desert, at night, Midnighter who knows who Dick is now, given the EMP disabled the hypnos implants, suggests they use the Paragon organ inside the child for their survival, given the energy it produces. Dick doesn't even acknowledge Midnighter is there when he speaks of it.

They continue to make their way through the desert until Helena collapses from an injury suffered in the crash. Dick tries to give her water, but Helena refuses, saying it's all for the girl, and urges him to go on. Dick uses his shirt to give Helena as much shade as possible, promising to come back to him.

Dick and Midnighter continue through the desert, and Midnight's attempts to tempt Dick into using the child's organ for survival turn into taunts, as he claims with his enhancements, he'll outlast Dick so the end result will be the same.

The next day, Midnighter, enhancements and all collapses in the desert, and as Dick continues on, struggles to ask how he was beaten, how Dick continues. Dick leaves a canteen for Midnighter (appropriately far enough away from the weakened man to say "fuck you" without saying it) and just says "I have her."

Dick continues alone, becoming a bit delirious, telling the little girl a story of a dream he once had, where he was Robin, fighting aliens with Batman, but ultimately meeting his fate after being crushed by rocks. Dick tells the girl that she's too young to worry about stuff like that, and all she needs to do is keep on fighting, and finally collapses.

The next morning, a couple drives by and finds Dick and the girl, barely alive, and take them in. Sometime later, Spyral retrieves Dick and Helena, while trading Midnighter back to Stormwatch for an agent of their own. Minos comments on the heart they were after being "lost in the crash," but we see the baby, alive and well, having what seems to be increased strength due to the organ.


The Review:

Easily, this was one of the best issues of the year for me. Dick doesn't do or say much in this issue, but everything he does on both accounts illustrates the man he is absolutely pitch perfectly. There's no use in explaining why, it's just one of those issues where you read and go "they nailed it." I've said it before that I was a bit concerned with the Tom King helmed issues after finding his part on Nightwing #30 to be a little clunky, but he's definitely proven himself with issues like the Futures End special and now this one. King was brought on for a very specific reason in order to provide a point of view from someone who had been involved in secretive work like Dick is now, and to provide the emotional beats that come with it, and those exact ideas are being delivered upon. I'm just going to leave things at that, this issue needs no more justification for why it's so great, it just is.

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  1. Seeley and King are writing such a great series. When it was announced, I had no idea what the book would be like (apart from the basic plot points that were announced -- Dick Grayson, Secret Agent Man). The storytelling throughout the first 6 issues (1-5, Future's End one-shot) has been fantastic. And Mikel Janin's art is as good as I've seen from his DCU work. Throw in the elements of Morrison's Batman run that they've been incorporating (Spyral, the finishing school for evil assassin girls, the return to the Robin Dies At Dawn fever dream), and this book is chalk-full of interesting things. Oh, and the Midnighter cameos have actually been pretty cool too. I'm enjoying the hell out of this book. One of the most interesting/original DC is publishing (along with Batgirl, Arkham Manor, Gotham Academy).