Wednesday, December 24, 2014

SPOILERS: Gotham by Midnight #2

Whose ready for some holiday cheer? And what says "holiday cheer" like a comic with a bunch of people of the faith possessed by demons! Merry Christmas, everybody!

The Spoilers:

Years ago, Sister Justine saw some weird shit going on between some priests and some of the kids that would hang around the church... No, not that sort of stuff, more like demonic shit, possession, and spooky ghost barf. Turns out the priest and the head nun she reports this too are in on the whole demon thing, and that's how Justine came across Jim Corrigan, and the Spectre, who saved her life that day.

Now back to the present, Jim is able to ward off the demon nun without the "help" from The Spectre, while Rook is able to rescue the children who are still speaking some crazy ass language who no one recognizes. When the Midnight Shift meets back up to go over the recordings of the children, Sister Justine recognizes some words as names the priest and nun who had attacked her used. While no one is sure what the words mean, they theorize that some evil entity with either five names or five bodies (or both) is headed towards Gotham.


The Review:

I'm on the edge with this book, I really am. Like the first issue, this second issue conveys tone through the story and art absolutely perfectly, with a harmony between the two that isn't seen in most comics. The implications that are set up within the final pages of this issue also provide enough of a hook for me to genuinely become curious about it... And that's the good stuff. The not so good stuff comes next. I'm still hung up on the whole "Gotham" thing. This issue does nothing to really justify why the book is set in Gotham, which is something I've been skeptical of from the start and am becoming increasingly concerned that I was right to be. "Gotham" seems to be nothing more than marketing ploy above all else. To me, this so far this book strikes me as a spooky story that takes place in Gotham, not a spooky story about Gotham. There's a big difference there, and I remain hopeful that I'm wrong and this book will actually utilize the city and it's history rather than just go "It's in Gotham because that's where Batman is and people know that name and they'd read something with "Gotham" in the title before Central City... okay bye."

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